If I am correct...

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Sep 17, 2012.

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  1. Kane broke another record last night. I think he now holds the record for most tag team championships with different partners (7 different partners) to go along with his most ever eliminations in the royal rumble record.

    Correct me if I am wrong.
  2. I think you're right.
  3. True :hmm: Daniel has the opposite of the triple crown too, instead of having the Intercontinental, WWE, and tag team championships to his name, he has the United States, tag team, and World Heavyweight championship to his name.
  4. Also true. Which lead me to suggest in the prediction thread that the tag win would make him a Triple Crown Champion. I was corrected, as wikipedia agrees that it's one of the world titles, the IC Title, and the tag titles, leaving those holding the US Title out in the cold.

    I don't know why the US Championship is not considered as equivalent to the IC Title for those purposes, but....

  5. he need to break his RR record next year!
  6. I think the US title is now like the TNA TV title, just for "development" of the lower talents, where as the IC title is meant to be the stepping stone to main events.
  7. I think so. Didn't he tie with Edge with most tag title reigns in WWE or something?
  8. I give so many fucks.
  9. But isn't the WHC considered a primary championship for the triple crown now?
  10. Don't know, even if it was, he still needs the Intercontinental championship to his name. And aren't people who get a world championship, tag team championship, US championship, and IC championship grand slams? Or is that only for the European championship when it was around?
  11. so in order to succeed in wwe you need to be put in loads of crap storylines and job to people :O
  12. Kane is a fucking legend hes breaking records all over the place. This is why he should be WWE champion again
  13. :yes: wwe champion again! he will win the 2013 royal rumble (while beating his previous elimination record & the all time elimination record) and go on to win the title!!
  14. Grand Slam needs the European Title. That should change imo.

    But giving Kane the WWE title, or the Royal Rumble? :urm:
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