If I was a WWE Diva

Discussion in 'RAW' started by RorodelaLuna, Sep 24, 2012.

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  1. If I was a WWE DIVA I would use Runway Walk by Sahsani as my entry theme! I love this song and love WWE. Good luck to all:emoji_slight_smile:
  2. If I was a WWE Diva...I'd play with my boobies all day :smug:
  4. Totally having "Back It Up" by Blue as my theme... And play with my boobies all day. :dawg:
  5. :tough::yes::win: For me-it would have to be something tough,cool,appropriate,and fitting for a diva.

    I would have to go with 2 songs from Pat Benatar-2 choices: You Better Run or Hit Me With Your Best Shot.



    or from Metallica-KILL EM ALL.
  6. Yea...sorry you took it there, although I am not surprised. Sad to think that you thought your comments were funny, cause really they aren't.

  7. I would quit and go to TNA since Vince doesnt give two shits for the Divas Division unless they give him Clinton treatment. And I think it was pretty funny...
  8. :gusta: If only a Diva would use Metallica as their theme song.....one can only dream for that day :sad:
  9. Metallica? lol..sure why not! :emoji_slight_smile:

  10. Make it happen :angry:
  11. Oh relax, you moody thing -.-
  12. :tough:

    I love Metallica! The Fade To Black Album and THE SAINT ANGER albums are 2 of my top 2 favorites of theirs.

    I also met the band backstage once or twice because one of my highschool friends that was basically my adopted sister as well as my very best friend-was a childhood cancer survivor,but because of all the damage done to her physically because of all the chemo and radiation she'd had-it left physically deformed and ill and because of her cancer and the damage done-she was heavy into HEAVY METAL MUSIC and her dream was to be a drummer in a metal band someday and she took lessons and was REALLY GOOD.
    She was born with Cancer and was told she would not live to see the age of 7-but she proved all the doctors wrong,she went into remission at the age of 5 and was cancer free for 20 years-til the age of 25.
    She and I went to tons of Metal Concerts together when I lived in the bay area,we would get dressed up,go out to dinner someplace nice and then take a limosine to the concert and she was on the GUEST VIP LIST to go backstage and meet the bands after the shows,so she and her mom and I got to go backstage and meet the bands.
    Metallica were friends of hers as well because of the cancer.
    Unfortunately the cancer came back when she was 25 in full force and 2 years later she passed away-we had been best friends for 14 long years and we were inseparatable and each other's life as well,where there was 1-there was the other,we were glued together like conjoined twins almost-lol.
    She died October 1st 2001,the 11 year anniversary of her passing is coming soon-it's never an easy time.
    Her brother died in a plane wreck taking aviation lessons at the age of 18 September 29th 1990,recent highschool graduate,2 art pieces he did in an art gallery and was on scholarship to attend a great Art School in the bay area when he died-he loved to fly and like the saying in the movie POINT BREAK which became his motto" IT'S NOT TRAGIC TO DIE DOING WHAT YOU LOVE",his sister and I were 16 when he died and he was killed on a night when she was spending the night at my house. Those 2 were extremely close. It's kind of odd how she died just 11 years and 2 days after she lost her brother. But He was like the big brother I'd never had and my best friend-both of my very best friends are gone.

    But Reva was always a hellion,she lived every moment as if it were the last and it is because of her why I have so much of a love for Metal and including CULT OF PERSONALITY-which she first introduced me to in the late 80's. To this day I feel god sent me an angel the day we met,an angle to look after me and she continues to still watch over me from above-she's my guardian angel.

    But it is also another reason why John Cena is so important to me and what he does-because I watched 2 of my loved ones in the prime of their lives-I watched them die,I watched them succumb to Cancer and it's not a pretty site, a 16 year old young girl and a 27 year old young woman both lost their lives to cancer.
    So I have been heavy into Metal for a long time and especially CULT OF PERSONALITY and THE BAND METALLICA.
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