If I was in charge I would?

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  1. You are now the GM of Raw/Smackdown what 2 changes would you implement?

    1st of all I would move the Money in the Bank Ladder match back at Wrestlemania. And maybe change the MITB PPV to Armageddon or Elimination Chamber.

    And bring back the Hardcore Championship including the 24hour stipluation.
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  2. Armageddon hell yeah.
  3. Brand split and make the IC title the second most prestigious title next to the WWE WHC. Also the IC title would be on SD the world champion would be on RAW obviously.
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  4. 1. Kill the "match themed" PPV's, except for Survivor Series and Royal Rumble. There are plenty of names to put in their places. This would make TLC matches, HIAC matches, etc., special again.

    2. Re-build the brand split: two World Titles, two Secondary Titles, two Women's and Tag Titles, etc. No need for the brands to cross except for special occasions.

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  5. Focus more on the midcard, kill the divas division and bring back the World Title.
  6. Why kill the divas division? When else am I gonna go toilet?
  7. That's why i would kill it, so there's no toilet breaks during the show except commercial.
  8. Bring back elimination chamber and scrap FastLane
    Remove the Divas division
    End storylines properly instead of just dropping them

    I can't think of anything else.
  9. Bring back bra and panty matches. Honest answer
  10. What about PPV? No breaks.
  11. If I was in charge, I'd have John Cena in WWE-WHC title run all the time... :smirk2:
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  12. Making smackdown relevant would be first order of business
  13. This... I'd just add to make Smackdown live again as well.
  14. Oh this 10000000% percent.
  15. Give it an off season, two months to give the wrestlers time to rejuvenate, and allow the writers to plan for long term storylines. Ones that're fresh and won't fall through with no rhyme or reason like we normally see now.

    Revert back to the old brand split method. Certain wrestlers and titles specifically assigned for one brand. Give each brand 3 exclusive PPVs each, with 4 being ones that involve them both (Rumble, Mania, Survivor Series, SummerSlam). Bring back the draft to keep each brand fresh. Each brand gets a specific manager, but Vinny Mac or Triple H/Steph can out rule them when need be. Both shows be live as well, and they're both 2 hours of course.
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  16. Bring back Elimination Chamber to replace Fast Lane, as EC was actually a great PPV for the road to WrestleMania, while Fast Lane is just a load of shit.

    Do the whole off season like Shadow said, so we don't get even more shit RAWs, instead they take a break from TV and PPVs for a while and then come back with an explosive RAW and big storylines for the new season.

    (Oh, and as a back-up #3, maybe just bring back the World Heavyweight Championship as a Smackdown exclusive or make the IC Championship a Smackdown exclusive to make Smackdown relevant again.)
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  17. - Fire Cena

    - Orton made Champ for 6 months. Feuds with Rollins, Bryan and Ziggler, and we are off to the races

    - Drop all that friverlous social media bollocks

    - Manson and Nin songs playing on events

    - Less skits and promos. More what it says on the tin, wrestling

    - drops the divas, let them become common housewives. have a few to flash the flesh for the lads

    - HHH back wrestling full time

    Now kiss it, kiss ittttttttttttttt
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  18. A couple quick fixes...

    1. Immediately go back to making Raw a 2 hour show.
    2. Make SD a live show
    3. Brand Split w/Draft (WWE Universe does the draft through a voting system...Raw gets first pick)
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