If I was the New Owner of WWE.


I would start out as acting as an Intern to Vince McMahon. Vince McMahon likes all my ideas. Once Vince McMahon stepdown as the Owner. Only in private.

I’ll hire masked men and masked women to wear shirts of WWE’s promotions. I’ll order them to attack the WWE Superstars.

WWE Superstars knows they got a new owner of WWE but they don’t know who he or she is.

I’ll have my silhouette on the screen but my voice would be alternate. I’ll tell my Superstars to go to Rival Promotions to wait until the end of their rival promotions main event ends. Then attacked the superstars in the ring. I’ll tell them to spray paint NOOW on everything they can. NOOW would stand for NEW OWNER OF WWE.

When I get all the Promotions attention back on WWE. Their wrestlers come to one of my shows. That’s where I’d order all the superstars of WWE hanging like Pinocchio Puppet. Then when I come out with a mask. I’ll cut the strings to let the WWE Superstar be in their own characters.

Then I’ll let my rival promotions owners to unmasked me. Then after that. I’ll only come out for Video Game, New Show and a championship title. I would want to remain off of TV, and let the talents that I have under contract.

My focus would be on the Video Game expect. I’ll let HHH’s NXT would be a new show on TV. I’ll also try to have 205 Live have TV Deal as well, and also have an NXT UK TV Deal.
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white crow

The Serbian Butcher
Sell the company to Arabs and have them make it into oil selling bussines. Ever since 2007 when I hear “WWE” I get a sudden intense feeling of disgust through my stomach.

Don’t expect Kasumi to answer. My boy was banned for talking about his dick more than it was needed.
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