IF Impact on the road fails, where does TNA go?

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    Note that this is a IF and a big IF at that but a subject I find interesting and worth discussing. If TNA's on the road show ends up failing (It just might, there is no way for us to predict how long TNA's current momentum will last and usually when a company goes outside their comfort range it doesn't end well. ECW, NWA, JCP, UWF for example) where do you see TNA setting up shop? Will they go back to Orlando, possibly go back to Nashville or relocate to a new city all together? Or will it spell the end of the company?

    I know some of you wil lsay that TNA will succeed and some of you want to think that there is no way they can fail on this and honestly I want them to succeed to. But there is no guarantee they will and this is an interesting enough subject. So, if TNA on the road fails. What happens then?
  2. I can see them head back to the Impact Zone. But, nonetheless, I don't see that happen. I think TNA is prepared for every possible scenario. If they had the feeling they go into this to 'fail', than there is no reason to go for this to begin with. I think TNA knows what it's doing, and it is prepared for all the possible consequences.
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  3. Likely back to the Impact Zone, and then they'll try to regain momentum (or gain more momentum period, since this failing would likely mean they just don't have as big of an audience to succeed at this yet) and then try it again later down the road.
  4. Stay positivie like always, Stopspot!

    Anyway, IF they fail, Nashville is more likely than Orlando.
  5. I would prefer Nashville to Orlando. :ryan:
  6. Hi ho
    Hi Ho
    it's back to Orlando we go
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  7. Nashville or Orlando as others have said, but it would be a huge step back if it were to happen. I don't see this failing though to be honest.
  8. Back to the Impact Zone.
  9. If they had to pick a permament home they should exploit a really dope area like NY IMO, is the ballroom still open?
  10. It is.
  11. Go there then, NY has dope crowds and it has wrestling pedigree. I doubt this will fail but if it does why not exploit a hot market? I know it's WWE territory by tradition but it can't hurt as they're rarely there.
  12. I say Orlando.
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