If it becomes 20-1?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Meshuggah, Apr 2, 2013.

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  1. Now, the keyword here is IF, I know its highly unlikely the Undertaker will lose, the streak is the one thing that really sets him apart from other wrestling legends, to take that away, would be a slap in the face to the man himself. However, if he were to lose to CM Punk, how do you see Punks future in the WWE after that? And, how do you see Takers future in the WWE after that?

    Another question, what would be your exact reaction to the WWE for making a decision like that?

  2. If Taker loses I think he'll leave WWE and wrestling, but this year it won't happen, this year is the year of the 21-0
  3. Win, lose or draw, I believe that Undertaker's last match should be at Wrestlemania. His streak has become a major part of his legacy at this point and the man himself will tell you (if you can't easily figure it out yourself) that he'd already be retired if it weren't for continuously defending the streak year after year. But if he were to lose to Punk this year (bwahahaha, but let's pretend) then I would have to think he would be back for a revenge match somewhere against Punk so he could go out on a good note. Even if it meant WM30, his first and only Wrestlemania match without the streak involved.

    I would hate it, personally. With Punk taking time off and the probability of a face turn later in the year (his pops aren't getting any smaller, and then there's the rumors of Brock/Punk later in the year), I wouldn't see the benefit or the point to it at all. And boy, what a shitty storyline for Taker's streak to die out on. But it would show how much worth WWE are putting into CM Punk for the future, to hand him a legendary win like that, even if it would be by (no doubt, given the circumstances) cheating.

    WWE need to be extremely careful with who they consider giving the streak to, which at this point I can assure you is pretty much no one, not even Cena. It's not like it's something they can reverse or switch. It's not some regular wrestling angle or match that can just in the future pretend never happened, if they want to. That's literally twenty years of history built up (even if it's only been super hyped up as a big deal for the past decade) to the one big definite loss.
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  4. Now, because Punk is a heel, and mocks Taker, I'm sure if he lost, he would be back for a rematch of some sort. However, if Punk were still a face, and broke Takers streak, I could see Taker giving him a handshake and walking out of the Arena, taking his defeat as a man. However, Punk wouldn't deserve a handshake for anything right now, except being so good on the mic :yes:

    I agree, it would def be a shitty ending to a legend. Like I said, I don't see it happening, its just a what if question. Also, yes, I can see cheating going on.

    Another question: Do you guys think Brock will end up helping Punk in the WM match against Taker? I know Brock and Taker have real beef, so idk if he would even be allowed in the same ring as him, but, on a professional stand point, if Brock would agree to keep personal problems out of the ring, do you see him interfering with Taker and Punks match?

    Also, agreed. That's a long time to build an empire, and Taker got to build it. Do you think, sometime in the future, Brock could be the one who breaks the streak? Or, at least, gets a shot at it? I would have to see more of Brock to believe such a match would be made, but, it could happen, who knows with the minds of WWE :haha:
  5. Taker would probably retire, it'd be pointless for him to return for Mania season the following year. Punk would get over/heat, but it's not like he really needs it, I guess it would help cement his legacy.
  6. It would be oddball booking for Lesnar to interfere in Punk's match and vice versa. I know they're both Heyman guys but they've also been kept off-screen from each other for so long for a reason (they're not ready to pair them up as partners in crime yet) and they have their own beefs that have nothing to do with one another. Would feel too random.

    I think the best chance for Lesnar to get a crack at the streak was this year and many thought he would, but it was not to be. He has zero chance of breaking it given he's a part timer. I'd rather give it to Punk this year even with the shitty build than give it to Lesnar even with awesome build. Taker will probably retire next year and Cena is the perfect opponent to go out on, so that doesn't leave room for next year either, especially since Lesnar/Rock is rumored for WM30 as well. Brock's contract runs up after Wrestlemania 31 so assuming Undertaker is still hanging around by some miracle (if they REALLY are intent on going for 25-0), then him going out by being taken out by Taker would be as good of an exit as any, but I'd really hope Lesnar would leave by putting over a young(er) star in a huge way in the process.
  7. The Undertaker should never lose at WM, that's my honest opinion.
    The streak should never be broken, not even by punk and I'm saying it despite being a big Punk fan, but he doesn't need it.
    I would be angry if they decide to give the honor to Punk, but it won't happen, if they are even considering letting someone break it, then it will be at WMXXX no now, and will probably be Cena who is even worse of a decision than Punk.
  8. If he lost then it would cement punks legacy as one of the best superstars of our era. It wouldn't diminish Taker, but it would always be a footnote
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