If it were up to you, who would CM Punk feud with after his return?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, May 24, 2013.

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  1. This depends of course on whether CM Punk returns as a heel or a face, but that is up to you in this hypothetical scenario. Who would you have him feud with? CM Punk - heel or not - is inevitably going to return to an array of pops, and because of that, I would prefer him to return as the anti-hero babyface he was during the MITB angle where he was incredibly over. I don't know how long Brock has left during his part-time run, so I would definitely want CM Punk to go over Brock at some point. A feud with Curtis Axel might even be good; it just seems inevitable for him to feud with Heyman guys if he is to return as a face, as they need to swiftly end that alliance.

    However, I simply can not trust WWE to book the face I want on RAW, let alone book it for a long period of time. It is no secret how lacklustre the writing team is and how outdated Vince is. So I think the safest option in terms of provided entertainment would be for Punk to return as a heel. He is good enough to get the guys cheering to boo no doubt, and we will be provided with better stories and better entertainment, in my honest opinion.

    What about you?
  2. I would have him return at the Payback PPV in Chicago.

    *Punk's music hits, but it is 'This Fire Burns' (just for my own personal amusement)

    He comes out and picks up the mic, but he is cut off by Vince McMahon.

    Vince comes out and Punk again tries to speak, but is cut off again. Vince says if Punk wants to keep his job, he will have to join the 'Kiss my Ass Club'

    Punk is befuddled, but without speaking he eventually puckers up and starts towards Vince's ass. "Yea, apologize" says vince as Punk's quivering lips grow nearer to his wrinkly arse.

    Upon completion of the task at hand, Punk looks satisfied with himself and tries to speak for the third time, before once again being cut off by Vince.

    "Punk, that was half ass'd AT BEST. I can feel the sincerity in a man's lip when he kisses my ass and for you it wasn't there!

    CM Punk....

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  3. I think a cheeky feud with D-Bry would be cool. Punk is back as a face and cutting a promo how being the champ got to him and turned him douche. And Bryan comes out kicks off a bout his stupid loss at WM mockig Punk for moaning for being champ so long after all Punk wasn't humiliated he held the title for however many days it was etc and then turns into the angriest GOAT in the world to have them both go at it. Puts Bryan in the ME scene and would produce great matches.
  4. Either Brock Lesnar or Curtis Axel.

    I don't wanna end up making a long post about it, but the shortened version of it is this - He comes back in the middle or end of summer to a huge ovation and he cuts a promo saying that after a long ride of success (434 day WWE Title reign) but then failure (losing the title, failing to get it back, failing to main event Wrestlemania, failure to defeat the streak), he felt like he'd hit a dead end and he just needed to take a step away from it all to get his head on straight. And after a long rest at home, he's ready to return and get back into it. Maybe Brock has come back and won the WWE Title from Cena (rumors of Brock winning a title again have been rampant for awhile) and Punk claims he wants to climb back to the top of the mountain and be WWE Champion again and this leads to a confrontation between Punk and Brock with Heyman choosing Brock's side.

    With Axel, he somehow finds himself forced to team with Axel, something goes wrong, and Heyman chooses Axel over Punk in the end. Maybe because Axel looks strong coming off a big victory from the Triple H feud, and Heyman feels confident he's the real deal, whereas Punk disappointed him massively by losing to The Rock, Cena and Undertaker all back to back. This leads to a feud, with Axel going over Punk as well. This further gives the impression in Axel's delusional mind that he's the next big thing (ironic) because now he's beaten both HHH and "the best in the world" who held the title for a record number of days.

    Either way, Punk is turning back baby face, it's inevitable, so he needs to do something to get away from Heyman as soon as he returns. Expect Punk to feud with one of these guys (I love the Punk/Brock more but that's a hard one to book since I don't want either guy taking a loss.)
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  6. Like the idea I posted elsewhere about that big Hunter/Heyman rivalry, but if you give me full control over booking HHH's ass is retiring this Monday so that's out.

    Punk certainly should return as a heel since he sucked as a face, but then there's nobody for him to feud with. He's feuded with Cena way too many times. Sheamus and Orton are far from compelling opponents. He has no reason to feud with Del Rio. Daniel Bryan is busy. He has to return face, so guess he'll return to fight Heyman and his club. Punk/Lesnar at Summerslam? I'm down with that.
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