If Jericho had cut that legendary shoot promo..

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Aug 26, 2012.

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  1. That CM Punk cut, would it have been better, worse or no difference? For some reason I'd love to see Jericho shoot on WWE as he -- like Punk -- has lots of legitimate grievances with the company so there's no doubt people would buy into it, as they did with Punk's.

    What do you think?
  2. Bigger impact maybe.
  3. that would have been so awesome :jericho: :smug:

    I wonder where punk would be today if he didn't do that shoot :hmm:
  4. Same thing I think, Jericho could also complain about not being "the" man or something.
  5. Actually, I don't think it would have had any more impact. I think part of the whole reason it made such an impact was because Punk wasn't as established as Jericho was (weird, but somehow that makes sense to me) and so it got people's attention more when Punk cut the promo. With Jericho, it might not have been seen as anything but an ordinary promo.
  6. No, Jericho as great as he is isn't going to be any more of a star. Punker was the only man to cut that promo, he had the axe, he had the attitude and it seemed real. Chris has had his band on Raw and been given time off when ever he wished. He got what he wanted so didn't really have the axe. 10 years ago Jericho shooting on Rock in a similar ideology would have been interesting or even Austin.
  7. It should have been JTG
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  8. Wouldn't do as much, CM Punk was new and wasn't getting title shots. Chris Jericho already made history on many things, being the first undisputed champion, holding both ECW and WCW TV championships, and many things. Jericho saying the company wasn't treating him right won't do a thing since he already had a chance to make a name for himself, and he did. Punk was getting held back and not getting shots until he took action. He wasn't as much established as Jericho, so he needed it more, and it made more of an impact as oppose as of Jericho did.
  9. -Become the face/champion of the ECW brand upon entering the company
    -Win MiTB at Mania
    -Win multiple WHCs

    Yea, poor Punk being held down by the man
  10. Re: RE: If Jericho had cut that legendary shoot promo..

    Whilst this is true what had he done since Hell in a Cell 2009 ?
  11. Same could more or less be said for Jericho
  12. Re: RE: If Jericho had cut that legendary shoot promo..

    I'm not sure tbh, from his return he was given multiple title shots whilst Punk had none for around 2 years. Plus his exile was requested so he could tour with his band, you can hardly complain of being held back when they fell to your request for time off. When would he shoot? That has to be a factor also IMO.
  13. Your argument seems to flip back and forth between kayfabe and real life. I would be glad to address either issue but not both cleverly wrapped up into one
  14. Apologies if I was attempting to blur the lines too much, let's start with his kayfabe accomplishments assuming Jericho made a return at the time Punk cut his worked shoot. Bare in mind he would have been on hiatus for the same time, main Eventing both Summerslam against the Nexus and during the 6 pack challenge at NOC before being "injured" by Orton's punt kick. Could he complain about never being put in the limelight solely within the kayfabe confinements?
  15. Yes but kayfabe wise Punk was losing every feud (Big Show, Mysterio, Orton ect) so strictly going on kayfabe Punk didn't deserve shit because HE FUCKIN SUCK at the time, no?
  16. You need to watch the shoot again. It wasn't about Punk solely not getting opportunities and stuff, it was about the company itself. How Cena gets fed everything, how he's portrayed as the best, how they won't promote or market Punk but they do others. It was about the company, Vince and just WWE. It has to be seen inbetween Kayfabe and real life for me, in the grey area. It was just about being fed up with the company, and the reasons were mixed with kayfabe and real reasons.

    So debating their kayfabe accomplishments isn't really worthwhile imo.
  17. Sure as hell the impact would've been bigger. Jericho is in the game for a long, long time. I can see him do it on one side, but on the other side I don't. Can not describe it. His character could do the job, but the person himself couldn't do it.

    You see, Chris Jericho is one of the biggest heels of all time. But the out of character Chris Jericho is a big face..
  18. I was addressing Seabs' qualms about Jericho doing the shoot, nothing more.
  19. Not really, Jericho is often sarcastic on twitter and he's very witty, he reminds me of CM Punk but just a bit more polite. CM Punk being an asshole outside of WWE didn't make the shoot any more epic imo.

    If you talk about qualms with WWE, surely Jericho has enough backstage crap -- like Punk -- that he could shoot about?
  20. Jericho has had a lot of issues with the WWE so I don't think it would be that unrealistic. Obviously by now he's gotten to the point of not being too bothered as he has his band to concentrate on, but early 2000s it wouldn't have surprised me.
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