If Jericho loses this Sunday, would he have served his purpose?

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  1. It's pretty obvious the feud with Punk is there to put Punk over as the top face at the moment right? Jericho so far has cut the better promos, more promos and in my opinion is carrying a very good feud, but if he loses at ER does that put Punk over? Does it help Punk or does it just keep him on the same level he's at now?

    Has Jericho had any momentum in this feud? These cheap shots don't make people doubt Punk's ability to win, they just make Jericho get more heat and look weaker, that doesn't help Punk or Jericho at all in my opinion.

  2. Punk needs to feud with Brock, he needs a credible heel to go over. I love Jericho but he's not the man to cement a superstar, he's put over too many low level guys. Nothing else will do anything for Punk.
  3. Heel/Face Cena, Heel Mark Henry (on a good role), Heel/Face Orton - those guyhs could put Punk over in my opinion. Punk vs Brock is just unrealistic, I don't know why but Brock Lesnar, a UFC champion, going against someone like Punk and losing would just be weird. Cena we can believe since he's built big etc.

    Rock could put Punk over. That could do Punk a load of good.
  4. Going over a legend has made him look a little better, but he's not the #1 babyface. Not even close.
    As Seabs said, the last time we saw Jericho he jobbed to Evan Bourne. It's filled it's purpose of "Hey, we don't have anyone else, can you come back while we try to build someone else"?

    The feud is over imo. Punk won, Jericho lost, don't see why it's continuing. The feud itself is good but just feels pointless. Jericho had the momentum going into 'Mania, but he doesn't have any now.

    I can see Brock beating Punk, but only if Punk does something clever. Can't see him lifting Brock for the GTS, although having him tap to the Vice would be a pretty nice touch, it's not enough. Then he can dick around with Kane and Dolph until Summerslam.

  5. Punk would probably put up a stronger battle with Brock then Cena would in a shoot, Punk's limited experience trumps John's plus from a kayfabe stand point Punk is a muay thai expert so it's plausible that he could out strike Brock. Finally pro wrestling isn't meant to be realistic that's why Bryan went over Show so cheaply from the size point. Plus people want Punk Austin, right? Austin / Rock are about the same size as Brock I reckon now so I don't see how one would be fine but another wouldn't from a size standpoint. Closest pic's I can find of them which is semi recent.
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  6. No way, I think you're overrating Punk's limited experience in muay thai training. He's a white belt and trains like once a month when he has time, lol. Kayfabe, sure, but it's never hardly mentioned anymore. Also, it's not just to do with physical size at all (I just said he could go over Henry lol), it was only last year when Brock was the UFC champion of the world, going up against much better fighters than Punk, yes, I know WWE isn't realistic but are the fans really meant to buy this?

    Punk is built like an average guy, not many are in WWE, even Bryan looks like he's a tough lad. Bryan went over Big Show by escaping and it was booked that Big Show dropped him. We're talking about putting Punk over as the next big thing, cheap victories won't do that. The guys I mentioned would put Punk over there's no doubt about that, there definitely isn't a "Brock or nothing" scenario, I'd be more than happy if they both didn't meet in Brock's current run.

    Punk I feel would do best if he went over Rock or heel Cena. Rock vs Punk verbally would be great, physically the match would be pretty decent too.

  8. I'm not over rating his actually training as I said it's kayfabe, which could be built up over time. Take his straight edge persona it hasn't been a kayfabe focus since 2010 but know it's the major selling point of a storyline. In my opinion Punk needs a big heel to feud with to cement himself as the next superstar face. The fans shouldn't buy anyone beating Brock tbh, as you say he was the best heavyweight on the planet not too long ago. He doesn't have to beat him via GTS or even AV having him throw multiple elbow strikes to Brock then pinning him would work better. Make it seem like a shoot then you can cement Punk like Austin going toe to toe with Tyson helped him.

    A Rock feud would harm him as he isn't cemented as a face of the industry yet, like having Hogan / Rock in 98/99.
  9. Well you mentioned Punk's real life training, there isn't much tbh lol. I don't think it would harm him, Punk has a very loyal fanbase.
  10. I mentioned Punk's training in response to your Cena point, saying some training is better than none. I honestly can see Punk suffering negative reactions all the way through a Rock feud tbh, he's really over but not at that level yet where he can hang with the legends.
  11. Most of Punk's fans are Rock fans, I generally see it split, mainly in Rock'sf favour but if we see MITB Punk then he'll no way get as many boo's as Cena did for example. Also if there was no bad blood, it was just a normal face v face feud it could work.
  12. How does a face vs face happen? You can't use the respect line tbh as it doesn't fit Punk at all.
  13. Easy. Rock turns up one week and rants how he wants the title (like last time), Punk interrupts and says he has no problem facing Rock for the title because it's about time the new generation puts its mark on WWE, then they feud. Punk doesn't need to cheap shot real life scenarios, he's good enough no the mic to turn the rock marks into punk fans again and so is Rock (the other way around).

    Similarly to Cena vs Punk, Punk was the attitude anti-hero then, he wasn't a heel, he was a tweener, Cena was the face. Rock was sort of a tweener on his return, he was dissing Cena and his fans, but still acted like a face I spose.
  14. I want Jericho to win a PPV match. I mean at least give him a win at Summerslam. IMO they should've given Jericho the win at WM with that stipulation that Johnny gave moments before. Then at Extreme Rules it would be great winning back the title at his hometown.
  15. Hellllllll no. Jericho never had any momentum in the feud. Jericho should have either won the Rumble, which makes him seem like a viable threat, or won the title at EC so Punk had an obstacle to overcome. This feud has been booked piss poor, and has done nothing to further Punk's credibility IMHO
  16. Yeah that's good too but it's reasonable that Jericho should of beaten him at WM after all the mind games.
  17. Jericho winning at Mania would have worked as well. Him winning at ER works for me as well, but I don't think he will. Punk getting the better of Jericho throughout just makes Jericho look weak, it doesn't do anything to give Punk any credibility.
  18. I think the feud was supposed to get some buys from the WM match, not to Punk over. At least that's what it looks like. Jericho always losing and Punk winning against an opponent that resorts only to cheap shots and doesn't seem like a threat doesn't do anything for anyone. For now, the feud is nice to see and all, it has heat, but it feels like sort of a filler.
  19. Jericho is around to puit CM Punk over. Thats it hes not gonna win
  20. I don't see how Jericho was supposed to bring anymore PPV buys than HHH/Taker III & Rock/Cena already were bringing in. Those two matches were the selling points.

    No shit sherlock. The idea of putting someone over is that the person being put over should come out of the feud with more credibility than they went into it with, and I feel the way the feud was booked has not allowed for Punk to gain any credibility and thus Jericho has not served his purpose. Had they ever allowed for Jericho to gain some actual traction by winning anything leading up to Mania outside of that gay ass battle royal, let him win at Mania, or let him win at ER and thus making him feel like a legitimate threat to Punk, then when Punk eventually overcomes him it feels like an accomplishment, whereas Jericho losing the Rumble, getting KO'd by Punk at EC, and losing back to back one on one matches at Mania and ER does not make him seem like a credible threat, thus Punk's time has effectively been wasted.
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