If John Cena made a 2nd Heel turn in his career during the peak of his "Cenation" gimmick and...

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Aztecwarrior480, Jul 10, 2015.

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  1. went back to his Doctor of Thuganomics gimmick along with putting over a few newer wrestlers and putting more effort into enhancing his wrestling abilities, he wouldn't have received such a huge hate from many of the wrestling fans up to this day?

    If the WWE and John Cena were able to pull this off, do you think this would redeem John Cena's reputation or do you think Cena will forever be remembered as one of the most hated and irritating wrestlers in the WWE who does the same repetitive moves and knows little of how to put over rising stars?
  2. I doubt that the majority off fans feel that way right now. He's been one of the best parts of RAW on a regular basis, and he's in the process of putting over Owens. He's one of the greatest, at the end of the day.
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  3. Cena is past the Doctor Of Thuganomics gimmick. Even if he turned heel and became more 'edgy' or 'mature', going back to dressing up like a rapper and doing freestyles would be silly. He's beyond that now.

    Yeah, he'd be a lot more adored by his critics if he did as you're suggesting, but what's the point? The majority of fans don't even hate Cena. He's their biggest moneymaker for a reason. The majority of the ones who do (as the accumulation of various studies and data have shown us) are part of the 18-34 demographic, who make up anywhere between 20-25% of the total fan-base and who are also the most vocal part of the fan-base and a very size-able bulk of the people who attend the TV shows and PPV (which is why it comes across on television as if Cena is this very despised character despite the fact that he's a hero to millions.) The majority of people from every other age demographic (2-17, 35-49, 50+) don't share the same hatred for him as the others do, and that's about 80% of their entire audience we're talking about.

    His legacy will be just fine. A face of the company getting these kind of mixed reactions certainly makes him a rather unique individual, but even his staunchest critics will respect him a lot more once he's retired. Talent is always most appreciated after it's gone.
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  4. I must say that I like cena a lot more than what I ever have in the past couple years. I still feel that he doesn't need to hold a title, but at least hes upping the value of the U.S. Title.

    With that being said, I'll also say that cena will probably never turn heel. And, that's fine because he'll always be loved and arguably be the best ever. Sure, some hardcore fans like myself may say on the contrary, but I can't deny that cena has only gotten better with time and I can't wait to see KO be pushed because of him. It'll be sweet.

    Personally, I'd love a heel turn as I think it would make me like cena even more. It would keep him interesting for me. But, does it need or have to happen for the sake of him not being hated? Absolutely not. I would love it though.
  5. Cena will turn heel when he stops being relevant.

    He's still the face of the company, despite not holding its major championship.

    Also, while I'm not a fan of Cena's, he has easily been the best part of RAW for a while now, especially when he started feuding with KO.

    So, thank you for that, Juanito.

    And since I'm being honest, he's one of the GOAT and he's a future WWE Hall of Famer, for sure.
  6. John Cena will be known as one of the most polarizing figures in WWE history.. He's not going to known as the most hated, that's all in your mind.
  7. I will always appreciate him. He does so many good things that I don't mind that he's not perfect. Even if he did make that decision again, he would be trying to entertain the fans.
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