if john cena wins the whc on sunday...

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Gav back in the championship, Oct 22, 2013.

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  1. do you think this could lead to the wwe title and the whc being unified eventually at wrestlemania i can see it going in this direction myself
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  2. If it meant the end of the WHC it would suck real bad. But if this happened it would be pretty interesting to see, perhaps it will perhaps it won't who knows......
  3. There's been superstars with two titles in the past.. hasn't happened in a while n it would be cool to see it happen again
  4. This is not going to happen, they'll find something better to do. There's no reason to unify both the titles.
  5. It would be a great match, regardless of the two people with the titles.. there would be a lot of hype around it.. and that's what these shows are all about
  6. It could, but it better not. Apparently they've been avoiding Cena vs Orton because they had that stipulation of "The final match between Cena and Orton" last time.

    Been there, done that. Enough of them. I hope there is a title unification though.
  7. A unification match will only mean much if people see the WHC as being an equal to the WWE Title, and Cena winning the belt will certainly help with that. I can't see them unifying the titles just yet, though. And if they did, don't expect Cena/Orton to be the unification match. More like Bryan/Punk or Bryan/Cena.

    It's too bad that a unification match would be extremely predictable since we'd know that the WWE Champion would be the one walking out victorious. Everyone knows the World Heavyweight Championship wouldn't be the predominant title to remain on the show over the WWE Title.
  8. While the two brands are merged its possible.
    WHC has lost its credibility as of late, most superstars dont desire to chase it as much since both brands came together.
    If they did unify both championships then of course a** kisser Cena would hold them. So...
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  9. Yeah, it feels like a possibility, I'd be alright with that.
  10. The only thing I want Cena to hold is his penis. Still doesnt tap out either probably.

  11. I gotta say that I would really like to see another showdown between Cena and Orton. It's been 3-4 years now since they feuded, and the company has expertly positioned the two of them to be apart this entire time. Cena vs Orton is box office, and I've said for some time that WrestleMania 30 would be the right time for it. They're not going to be around forever, and WWE is certainly in a transition right now. What better way to move through that transition than have your two biggest box office draws of the past decade squaring off at WrestleMania 30?

    "Final showdown" - these are just words. Final really means "Last time for a long time" in wrestling. It's synonymous with "retirement" in wrestling. Rarely does anyone truly retire.
  12. When was that stip mentioned? Bare in mind they had a tables match preNoc 2010 and I think this was during their 2009 feud.
  13. Wouldn't mind it. The world titles need to be unified and one of the midcard titles need to be dropped too. There are to many titles at the moment, and for a wrestling company with no brand split, the amount of belts really should be dropped.
  14. Orton is considered a box office draw? He was a distant 3rd behind Batista for much of his run, then arguably Punk, Hardy and Bryan as an established box office attraction. Orton was forced to be there without really doing much.
  15. Wouldn't mind because right now there's no brand split. IF SD and RAW could split up again and have some heat, bring back Bragging Rights and fight each other to be the best promotion then I wouldn't support the idea.
  16. Orton, the boy nobody picked for kickball :cry:
  17. Orton/Cena only if Cena is heel
  18. Why would Cena ever turn heel? You'd have them reverse roles between now and WrestleMania? Good luck with that.
  19. I don`t thik that would happen, but it would be very cool if he has the two titles
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