If Kevin Steen was on RAW...

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, May 15, 2013.

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  1. How would you debut him? Where would he be on the card? For someone so talented (awesome mic worker, awesome wrestler, etc.) would he still need the slow push? He is young so doing the slow push wouldn't be a waste of time, but personally I'd love a huge huge story to surround him if he was to ever debut.

    What do you think?
  2. I was thinking about HHH turning heel on Lesnar to get a heel on heel storyline to envolve HHH in the corporate status that a lot of people have been talking about in the past months.

    For example, have a guy who is hired by HHH attack Brock from behind on last weeks RAW and then having HHH turning it all around in Lenar vs ''Someone''.

    Not sure if something like that works but it ran through my mind multiple times when thinking about this storyline.

    Not sure if Steen is the right guy for it, but beast vs beast won't disappoint imo.
  3. I'd debut him as a guy in the crowd. Have him show up for a couple of episodes heckling wrestlers from the front row. One face in particular. Then after a while he jumps the guard rail and decks him. Preferably this would be a guy he has history with like Bryan, Rollins or Generico or a face Hero. He could then cut a promo about how they were supposed to go to the E together but Steen was held back because of not fitting the mold and he can even say that "they didn't think I had it/was good enough" and he is now mad that his friend didn't stand up for him. Thus he declares a one man war on WWE. Which ends with WWE granting him a contract so that he can be defeated in ring.

    I think that could work.
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  4. I would definitely want Steen as a heel when he debuts.
  5. That sounds awesome. I love the Steen vs WWE feel.
  6. I'd let him work that angle in the upper mid card for a while. Letting him work with some of his old buddies and some of the better WWE wrestlers, ripping through the mid card to establish himself without it becoming a complete burial. Then when that angle is ending/have ended I'd let him stretch his wings in the main event at least challenging for a belt.
  7. Corporate HHH would be a heel...:pity2:
  8. Steen is a good face as well so it could in theory work. Steen as a face and a heel is virtually the same character. The difference being in who receives the death threats.
  9. I have zero trust in WWE booking babyfaces dawg.
  10. You trust them to book him correctly in any form?
  11. #YoddelingSteen
  12. With his body type he'd probably be Mark Henry's second illegitimate child.
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  13. Put Steen with Cena and have him be a monster heel. He can use those Kill Steen Kill shirts in the storyline. WWE would get so much merch money.
  14. Sexual White Chocolate.

    Or to put him in his own personal hell. He plays the son of Jim Cornette.
  15. Steen doesn't endorse the Kill Steen Kill shirt anymore. He has stopped producing it and doesn't wear it anymore nor want the crowd to chant it.
  16. [​IMG]

    Anyway if he signed he'd need a strong first feud, Danielson works. It'd be a simple story but him wanting to run through all the guys which sold out could have been interesting. WWE has been back handing ROH money since it's existence in all likely hood so it wouldn't surprise me if they came to some kind of agreement to use the name on screen ala ECW in 97(?)
  17. They did credit ROH on the Punk DVD so it wouldn't be that far a stretch. Depends on who brokers the deal I guess. HHH seems more willing to agree to it than Vince me thinks. Would also be fun to see Steen take pot shots at the "sell outs". Calling Bryan Dragon, Antonio Claudio, Kassius Chris etc and having to "correct himself". I can see him and Generico interacting in front of me. "I thought you were Mexican!"
  18. Generico would be an interesting one, it's a shame Generico never existed really. He could have run some dope footage of their previous feuds.
  19. He could throw some references out. "You remind me of this pasty Mexican I used to beat up back in the day" *Shows the ladder spot from final battle* "Apparently he went here as well, care to tell me where he is dickhead?"
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