If Kofi & Bore lose the title...

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Sep 16, 2012.

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  1. Will Kofi FINALLY go on to bigger and better things like he deserves?
  2. He'll probably just win the US title again, and/or feud with a heel Truth.
  3. Kofi Kingston to regain his beloved United States championship :haha: sad but no, doubt WWE will push him onto the main efvent, 'll give them a year to do so.
  4. Feud with Slater on Saturday Morning Slam for The Baby Tooth Championship.
  5. This.
  6. No optimism in this thread.

    Kofi needs that sub-main event spot so much.
  7. What has WWE done to make you think there would be?
    Kofi's the poster child of "guy stuck in mid-card hell".

    An intriguing idea: Dolph cashes in on ADR, and they add a babyface (Kofi) to Del Rio's rematch, booking him as the underdog. Why not?
  8. Kofi moves up to IC title contendership. The US title preshow will be awesome tonight, and could set up smaller feuds that lead to the #1 contender spot. Get kofi in there with miz rhodes and the newer stars and get it going.
  9. Could see him going after the IC, yes.
  10. Yah, I can't see Kofi ever been mid card. Let him feud for the IC title because its has a hell of a lot more prestige than US.
  11. You know you're doing something right when leo C and lacky are content with just agreeing. Now i just need a Rain, post, and its time to :fap: hit the showers.
  12. Hasn't WWE always said they desired to be a global and reach all audiences? I like Del Rio and believe WWE is right in working him, but I'd like to see the same for Kofi as well. He seems like a mature, hard-working guy and has been very patient. He deserves a chance.
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  13. God you're awesome.
  14. i think kofi is forever a mid carder. he is over but i cant see any personality in him :/ i see a lot more personality in r-truth than kofi
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