If Kurt Angle were to return...

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jul 8, 2013.

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  1. Who would you want him to feud with?

    I thought of this as I was going over my idea of Wyatt vs RVD as Wyatt's first feud, and thought about Angle instead. Imagine Angle and Wyatt feuding, and it being similar to Samoa Joe vs Angle in TNA. Anyway, who'd you put the part-time face Angle against? Think Ambrose would be my choice.
  2. Hmm, I'd say Daniel Bryan. Both can draw a big reaction from the crowd and they're both great technical wrestlers which means they could put on great matches. I'm not sure if it would happen if Angle were to return but I'd love it to see them feud.
  3. I wonder which pop would be louder you suck or the yes chant
  4. Not sure on if Angle vs Wyatt would work the same way as Angle vs Joe since that feud was based on the athleticism and badassery of the two. With Kurt being an amateur wrestling hero and Joe portraying a MMA hardass.

    Angle vs Wyatt would be cool to see. But I think it would need to be approached a bit differently than Angle vs Joe.
  5. DB for sure. The physical part of the match would be so amazing, and you really have to believe both stars give 100% every time they go out there. It would be a battle.
  6. I'd like to see Bryan vs Angle in an I QUIT match
  7. Angle vs Punk. Angle to teach that punk what wrestling is.
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  8. CM Punk and Daniel Bryan would be the obvious choices. Can't be arsed to think up a fantasy booking scenario that would pit them against each other.
  9. Would love DB. I fap to the idea Kurt may come back and make Bryan a god.
  10. Best in the world cm punk vs the olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle.
  11. Maybe Antonio Cesaro, or Jack Swagger? He gets tired of the whole "real American" deal, and he decides that since he won the gold medal for America that he's the ideal of what a American should be, not them.
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