If Lesnar knocked up Kelly Kelly... greatest human ever?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by JC4Life37, Sep 21, 2013.

  1. I actually dedicate this to BLFFL... cause apparently a Lesnar/Kelly Kelly baby would save humanity itself

    It got me wondering of cool offsprings for wrestling like:

    Mark Henry/Kharma... Tammy Sytch/Dolph Ziggler... or a trashy looking baby like Punk/Lita

    This is mainly just for lulz... what wrestling offsprings (dead/alive, past/present) would make interesting wrestling characters?
  2. Curt hennig and a village idiot = Curtis Axel
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  3. Apparently, Seabs doesn't grasp the concept of fantasy... my objective was to find combinations that haven't happened already... not ones that have

    For example... Vince McMahon + a dry old prune = Head of Creative for the 'E'.... it scientifically took place... it doesn't mean it should have

    then again... when post is right I gotta throw a props
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  4. AJ Lee and Randy Orton

    That would be such a good looking child.
  5. I'm waiting now for the majority of you cats to make male/male combinations.... not hating.... I just know its going to happen
  6. Ambrose + Steen = god
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  7. CM Punk + mouse = CP Munk

    John Cena + Rey Mysterio = Juan Cena
  8. Somebody say CP Munk?
    Walnut free...Acorn free... Better than all of you!
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  9. Ryback + Nicole Bass
  10. Triple H + Chyna = no baby just a delusional porn star named Joanie Laurer
  11. Sin Cara + Diva = Botch Baby.
  12. Op + fail = u?
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  13. If Lesnar knocked up Kelly Kelly, every thread on this forum would be made by BLFFL.

  14. If Lesnar knocked up Kelly Kelly, he'd have more important things to worry about... like having a Human immunodeficiency virus infection, HIV for all you small minded people.
  15. Dolph Ziggler + Shawn Michaels = SELL SELL SELL!
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