If Mark Henry get pinned at Elimination Chamber

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Feb 17, 2013.

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  1. Or loses at Wrestlemania, does that significantly damage his Hall of Pain gimmick?
  2. Losing when you're hot as hell and have any momentum going on for you, you always damage your character/gimmick for a good portion. Ask James Storm. So, yes.
  3. It depends how it happens, there is no harm in him being pinned if it takes a big moment (Ryback shellshocking him would have interested me personally.)
  4. If Henry gets pinned at Elimination Chamber, he'll lose and that put the things much easier for Jericho!! Jericho is going to Wrestlemania!!
  5. It really depends. If something stupid happens like getting eliminated off an RKO or a LeBell lock (sorry Bryan marks), that's ridiculous. If you want your monster heel to job, it'll have to be in a believable manner or else it would hurt the gimmick.

    To relive past eliminations, you can have your silly RKO out of nowhere, then he bounces up and takes a Chokeslam before Jericho lifts up his legs and makes him tap to the Walls... or you can have him run through Kane, Swagger, and Orton before he fights with Jericho for 10 minutes or so, and Jericho gets the pin in a way that looks like he's outsmarting Henry. That could work. Would WWE do it? Who knows.

    Assuming he's winning here (lets face it there's really nothing else for him to do at 'Mania), and he jobs to Alberto, you know Henry will take Alberto out setting up Dolph. That's fine.
  6. Well, yes. Especially if he's eliminated with an RKO OUT OF NOWHERE!!!1!!11! or something similar. But I strongly believe he'll win, and when he jobs at WM, he'll beat ADR up after the match, so that's alright.
  7. If Mark Henry doesn't win the chamber...

    ...then what will he do at WM? Is there another match you can put him in?
  8. If Mark Henry doesn't win the chamber...

    Job to Ryback.
  9. If Mark Henry doesn't win the chamber...

    if Mark Henry doesn't win we RIOT
  10. If Mark Henry doesn't win the chamber...

    If Mark Henry wins, I lose money.
    Go Orton/Swagger!
  11. If Mark Henry doesn't win the chamber...

    It's 50% Henry, 50% Jericho imo.
  12. I think Henry getting pinned at EC won't damage his HOP gimmick if they do it right. Like if Henry gets tackled through a pod or something, then yeah it can be said it took great lengths to defeat him. Also I don't think anyone in that match should pin Henry except Kane or maybe Orton. Him getting beat by a smaller guy just doesn't seem right
  13. If Mark Henry doesn't win the chamber...

    If he doesn't win at the chamber I can see him in some random tag match. If we're lucky we can get a good feud. I didn't mind Henry vs Show to be honest. For two big guys, their rivalry was pretty good.
  14. RE: If Mark Henry doesn't win the chamber...

    They're both heels so I very much doubt that happening.

    The Big Show vs Ryback.
    Mark Henry vs ADR.
    Chris Jehrico vs Dolph Ziggler.
    Sheamus vs Orton?
  15. Merged @Rain 's thread into this one, since both are about the same topic.
  16. I promise you all Henry wins tonight.
  17. It will definitely damage his character, I just hope he wins tonight.
  18. Nobody else winning even makes a bit of sense. It is 100% Henry vs ADR at Mania
  19. I hope you are right, we can't forget about Jericho here though.

    Ziggler can cash in on ADR, Jericho wins the EC and we have Ziggler VS Jericho at WM!
  20. Man, I hope so. But the possibility of some dumbass in creative thinking "Hey, lets put Jack Swagger and his new anti-hispanic gimmick against our new latino star!" is just too great to ignore, not to mention the ever-present possibility of Randy Orton being pushed.

    Plus there's the whole "Jericho wins and Ziggler cashes in" thing too. The odds are definitely in Henry's favor.
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