WrestleMania If Mark Henry is out of mania, what happens to Ryback?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Stopspot, Mar 24, 2013.

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    Don't leave me world's strongest man!

    As was reported in another thread on here, Henry possibly injured his knee at a house show this weekend. So what happens to his opponent Ryback if Henry can't go at mania? Ryback is someone WWE has faith in and he's high profile so he should be on the mania card. Do we shuffle him back into the Shield match or come up with something else?

    Personally I would put him on collision course with a certain Swizz holding a golden American strap. Cesaro and Ryback have faced each other before and those matches have been good but short so one could guess that a longer one (10 minutes to 15 tops) could be good and give both guys a good showing. If Cesaro wins dirtily it sets up a real feud for Ryback to work with after mania which can be stretched to at least Extreme Rules. If Ryback wins they can still do the feud or ssend Cesaro on to better things (relaunch the feud with the Miz if Miz grabs the IC belt?) or up the card. Ryback can also be tested with a belt and it would make the US belt look good. It would be a chance for a future big heel and future big face to elevate each other.

    What would you do with Ryback if Henry can't work at mania?
  2. I can see him annihilating The Shield.
  3. Who is already booked against Orton, Big Show and Sheamus?
  4. Yeah, I can see The Shield winning and then Ryback coming out afterwards and destroying them. :emoji_hushed:hmy:
  5. As much as I'd say "Do the thing you should have done to start with, throw Jericho in the Shield match and keep Big Show heel", are they willing to just drop Fandango?

    Guess they could turn Khali heel, but WWE even realizes nobody takes that guy seriously anyway. Everybody's already taken, so there's only really one thing you can do... FEED HIM THREE.

    But hell, with no Mark Henry there goes our hopes of somebody being elevated by this show
  6. Pushing him back with Cesaro would harm his career imo. If you're going to kick-start him into the main event, you have to keep him there in the early stages. You can't have him lose every PPV match he's had and then go into the midcard. I would keep Big Show heel, have him caught saying he'll turn his back on Sheamus/Orton, and then Ryback has a mini-feud with Big Show to get his place back against Shield. It sucks but it's the best temporary alternative.
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  7. Who would be in the Shield match then?
  8. He'll work Mania. They'll likely have him take time off from the ring until the PPV, and if need be, they'll just have him be squashed quickly by Ryback if he can't work an entire match, as I said in the other thread. A quick squash is what I thought would more than likely happen anyhow.
  9. Ryback, Orton, Sheamus... Duh. Lol.
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  10. Lol fail. Thought you meant a Ryback/Big Show wm feud.

    Should have realized "Crayo fantasy-booking Big Show out of Wrestlemania" is always a strong possibility.
  11. Haha kicking Big Show off WM is how I know that idea is going to be loved here :yay:.

    But yeah Big Show could feud with Jericho or some other meaningless match. As much as I love Jericho, he is king jobber and I can't invest my time into his feuds any more. So I'm happy with shoving him in with Big Momentum Killer, because Jericho has no momentum to kill.
  12. He'd probably just be put back in The Shield match. I wouldn't mind him going against Cesaro again since I've liked those matches but I just don't see it happening.
  13. No idea, really. But I think Henry will work WM, at least a quick squash.
  14. I think Henry will be able to work a short Mania match. Just can't wait to see Ryback fail at trying the.. jeez, I don't even know the name of his shitty finisher.
  15. Yeah they could always keep him out of the ring until mania and have Ryback Shell Shock him quickly.
  16. They would change Jericho and add him to te shields match . Show would face Ryback
  17. They would just forget that Fandango just beat Jericho down?
  18. I have some serious doubts about his ability to get Henry up on his shoulders.
  19. A SD! Or Raw match. Cum on we are talking about the WWE LOL


    An alternative finisher.Im sure , ryback is not strong enough
  20. Yeah he will definitely need assistance from Henry on it. If Henry doesn't assist it will go like when Tensai sandbagged him.

    It's also Road to Wrestlemania. If they debut a new guy during the road to Wrestlemania he will have a match at mania. Plus. Jericho loves putting people over. Jericho will face Fandango.
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