If men used purses, what would you find in them?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Neptune, Nov 24, 2015.

  1. We know the obvious answers for women, but if men used purses, what would you find in them?
  2. Umm, nothing? Everything you need should fit in your pockets.

  3. Well you're no fun. Booooo! BOOO THIS MAN! :sheamful:
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  4. Yeah, I'm such a heel.
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  5. Condoms. Cigarettes, Wallet, Cell Phone. Idk.
  6. Wallet, shades, deodorant, papers/pipe, condoms, drugs, phone, and headphones. You know, the necessities.
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  7. a pager, walkman, talkboy etc etc
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  8. Don't forget this

  9. lol what is this the 80s? haha fgt
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  10. I'd get a Morris phone for sure, that would be the only cool part about this deal.
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  11. All's I am saying is the 90's had all the right reasons for dudes to rock purses. haha
  13. Wallet, cell phone, keys, pocket knife, condoms, headphones and a hair pick. For normal days of course.
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