If Miz doesn't get on the card...

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Mar 17, 2012.

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  1. For Wrestlemania, is it almost a certainty that he's interfering the main-event (Rock vs Cena)?
  2. I hope not. I want their match to conclude at Summerslam or else it will be a total rip-off to the people going to the PPV live. I want to see the winner and not someone interfering in the biggest match of Mania this year,
  3. lol not at all. That is just a bad dirtsheet rumor being egged on by Miz fanboys like yourself. He will probably just cut a promo bitching and crying like he has been the last few weeks
  4. ^I rather have that at WM than Miz interfering.
  5. If he would be interfering, he will not be a face in a long, long time.
    If would screw up the big match too imo.
    Plz don't book it.
  6. Dolph still hasn't realised Miz is one of Vince's favourites.
  7. Vince burying one of his favourites this badly? It seems he's fallen out of favour some reason to me.
  8. Yeah miz is a Vince favorite but Rock is more of a favorite than Vince. And Vince will care about Rock/Cena more than the Miz.
  9. Its because Rtruth got hurt when Miz didnt catch him when he flipped over the rope. Miz is careless in the ring supposedly
  10. Everyone knows that bro.
    Old news. :emoji_wink:
  11. Apparently Vince is nowhere near as high on Miz as he was before. That's the main reason for the burial, but we all know not to trust dirtsheet reports.

    How awesome would it be if, en route to the Dark Match Battle Royal, he cut a promo about how disgraceful it is, and then eliminating himself and walking out, Gail Kim style? Then he showed up later to prove that Rock and Cena are no longer the "Most Must-See Superstars in WWE History"

    I'm really hoping for the Miz to interfere, even moreso than Crayo is. #mizfits4life
  12. I really don't want him to interfere during the match tbh, after the match is fine but not during. Also does anyone know why he's supposedly down on Miz? ADR's comments could have had something to do with it I suppose. Especially as Vince has a fetish for him.
  13. What did ADR say?
  14. [yt]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZioNSpZlOk[/yt]
  15. All in character right? :shock:
  16. I don't think so, it seems he's shooting. Heel and heel doesn't work in kayfabe.
  17. Wow, pretty awkward to come back at work and see each other again, right?
  18. No, if he's not on the card he probably will do some backstage stuff. Next PPV he'll be on the card but, it'll be a crap match.
  19. He's not down on Miz in my opinion, else he wouldn't send him to so much media appearances.
  20. Hey Vince knows nobody is perfect and he understands the Miz realizes he shouldn't be careless like that again.
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