If not Reigns, than who.......

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Trip in the Head, Jan 31, 2015.

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  1. Inspired by a @CM Punk post in the Roman Reigns being rejected thread - http://wweforums.net/threads/roman-reigns-being-rejected.41684/page-2#post-945133

    So let's do it up. Everyone's got an opinion so if Reigns was non-existint in WWE who, in your mind, is ready to be the next top guy in WWE? You got your obvious picks right?

    Dolph Ziggler (would be my choice)
    Daniel Bryan
    Dean Ambrose
    Seth Rollins

    I would let Ziggler be the next guy and he should get toppled by Rollins followed by Ambrose. Over months, if not an entire year. Of course the fact that Brock is champion throws a big monkey wrench in my machinations.
  2. Ziggler might be my choice as well if they didn't do the shitty firing angle.
    Bryan would be probably my main choice though.
  3. Based on what? How guys were actually booked going into the Rumble? Only Ziggler, Bryan and Reigns are realistic options if that is the scenario.
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  4. It depends upon your criteria and your company's mission statement. What is the public message/image you want conveyed about your company?
    Hogan conveyed a particular image, as did Austin, as did Bret Hart and so on.
    I have no problem with either choice provided your company reflects that example/choice.

    Brock Lesnar reflected Ruthless Aggression, so the company changed their entire business model to support Lesnar's talents (and shortcomings). That era brought us many quality matches.
  5. I would say overall performance. Mic work, in-ring ability, move set, character, etc. All that stuff together. Who's got it down?
  6. Lets go with "The guy that can put on the best show"
  7. Ziggler then, hands down. Him selling Bork's offense would be legendary.
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  8. Jesus, I imagine lol.

    Side note: I chuckled to myself earlier watching a Neville match in NXT. He counters german suplexes left and right. Him vs Bork sprang to mind and I just saw countered german suplex after countered german suplex lol.
  9. Ambrose, even though he's been built up piss recently him vs. Lesnar would be a good sight. Why? Just because I'm a mark.
  10. The beating Ambrose would take and then get back up from would definitely help out the image he has been building for himself.
  11. My list would be the same as Trip's.

    - Daniel Bryan... But, LOL. They don't see him as a face of the company, obviously. So, screw you, 'E.

    Same thing would go for DZ and Ambrose, I don't think they see 'em on top either. Shame! Plus, both of 'em had kind of a lackluster booking heading into the Rumble, so right now they wouldn't seem 'believable' to defeat Lesnar. But, fuck 'believability'.

    Rollins is currently a heel, but fuck yeah, I'd want that cat as the next top guy.

    - But, I kinda have a feeling that new, up-and-coming talent John Cena will be the next top guy. For the next 10-15 years, hopefully.
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  12. Seeing the lengths that he'd be willing to go through would be the best part in my opinion. I can imagine him letting his arm snap instead of tapping so he'd still be in the fight. Or him getting suplexed numerous times and then asking for more. I think the build would've been good as well. And think about, Rollins cashing in on the man who vowed that he wouldn't allow him to cash in on what would be the biggest night of his career. That's if he win which I doubt he would.
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  13. Rollins is (successfully) cashing in on whoever ends up being the champ at Mania. That very night. Mark my words.
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  14. Well sure in Kayfabe land and what WWE wants it's Reigns. If it's me there are plenty of guys better than Reigns. Cesaro, zig, Bryan, bray, cena, Ambrose. Prob more that I personally enjoy more. Reigns, zig, or Bryan were the 3 I thought legitimately could have won, with Reigns being a distant 3rd on what i wanted personally
  15. Seth Rollins.

    As an in-ring performer, He's by far the best in the company today, His timing and movement is absolutely impeccable, He's an amazing athlete and far better performer than Reigns. His best work comes with that alignment and He plays that role so well and decent to good mic skills. He's easily the best thing going on RAW today - He's the one of the only reasons I still watch WWE, That's fact.

    Talented wrestler - 10/10
    Incredible performer - 10/10
    Fantastic in ring worker - 10/10
    Solid on the mic - 9/10
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  16. Yeah I'm looking forward to his top spot run. I hope they make it rival Punk's modern streak TBH
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  17. If not Roman I would have gone with Ziggler, but at the same point I would have Rollins win the title by WM in order to do Rollins vs Ziggler match. You got the whole Authority backing Rollins you got Ziggler the man of the locker room that symbol standing up agaisnt HHH and the others.
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  18. Dean and Dolph are ready, I think.
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  19. For face? Bryan and ziggler.
    Face heel? Bray and Rollins
  20. face heel? :troll:
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