If Not Roman, Who?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Redboy123@, Apr 28, 2018.

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  1. Still Roman Reigns

    3 vote(s)
  2. Bobby Lashley

    7 vote(s)
  3. Seth Rollins

    6 vote(s)
  4. Finn Balor

    2 vote(s)
  5. Braun Strowman

    8 vote(s)
  6. Drew Mcintyre

    0 vote(s)
  7. Other

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  8. No one. Brock 4 ever

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  1. Four years. I repeat, FOUR YEARS wwe have been planning to have Roman finally slay the beast and capture the world title in the Main event of Mania. During that time we have had; the return of Goldberg, Sting and Angle; Daniel Bryan retiring and unretiring; the women's revolution and evolution and Donald Trump is the president of the United States of America.

    Lots of stuff has happened in those four year. Roman beating Brock is not one of them. Now judging the controversy in Saudi Arabia (i'm talking about the cage match) Roman can still be the one to beat Brock. That can definitely happen.

    But...what if they have given up? Roman is not going to be over the way they want him to be. They could of easily pulled the trigger in KSA and have him celebrate winning the title in front of a crowd that was somewhat supporting him. Why didn't they do that? Maybe because they have given up. Not given up on Roman...but just on him beating Brock.

    If Roman isn't the one to finally beat Brock clean. Someone has to beat Brock clean. Undertaker lost his streak for this to happen for god's sake. So who do you think and why?
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  2. Lashley.
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  3. Lashley. Seth has already slayed a king. Imagine Bobby "The Beast Slayer" Lashley that sounds good to me. I will give Roman a A for effort his face was covered in blood and he still managed to finish that match with Brock that gained a little respect from me staged yes but i couldn't of done what he did if my face was covered in blood. So GG Roman. I much rather see Lashley as champ i think but some may think its a bit soon and someone else deserves a title reign before Bobby. Which is understandable
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  4. I would like to see Lashley do it, but I have a feeling after Lashley wins it then they will set up Roman vs Lashley...so yay I suppose.
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  5. Just like Natalie Imbruglia, I am torn.

    Bobby Lashley vs Brock is a match I want to see. It would be a great Summerslam main event and Bobby feels like a main event playa

    I have an emotion attachment to the idea of Seth beating Brock clean. Something that Roman has never been able to do. That would be a great way to turn Roman heel. From a storyline point of view, this would be my choice.

    Then you have Braun Strowman. That guy is money and he should be the world champ. But personally Brock vs Braun is not a match I want to see again. They have no chemistry.

    One thing is for certain, they are all better choices than Roman.
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  6. I don't care. As long as someone beats him. And not freaking Goldberg!
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  7. My top contenders:

    Bobby Lashley
    Braun Stowman
    Demon Finn Balor
    Drew McIntyre

    Bobby Lashley is experienced and can be realistic, but the downside is his age. But otherwise can have a solid run with the belt.

    Braun has failed a lot, but he, unlike Roman, is pretty much loved by the fans and is still believable.

    Finn Balor in his Demon form may be what is needed. If they continue to book him as "pretty much unbeatable" with the paint, then it can be a kayfabe rationale of him winning, despite being "small" as it can lead to "more agressive wrestling" and mind games. Even then, Finn without it can paint a believable underdog story.

    Lastly, while it is a bit strange, Drew McIntyre. He's a big guy, can work amazingly as a face or a heel, is fire on the mic, is a new challenger, was already billed as a chosen one before, but now he is a far more polished competitor and has years to come.
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  8. Can't comprehend how good Brock v Drew could be
  9. I mean, I'd rather see that than Roman spamming Superman Punches and spears, again against spamming Suplexes and F5s again.
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  10. Yh you are right. A match is not good until someone kicks out of 5 finishers.
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  11. Strowman.

    I think Vince is more in favor of putting the title on Strowman at this point than he is on Lashley. He LOVES Braun Strowman because of his size. Now Strowman is basically playing a babyface, he gets huge pops when he comes out, hes been super well protected, he just won the GRR, hes got his little catch phrase with the "get these hands" thing. Strowman has all the makings of the next champion, and he deserves it, he is very entertaining and has improved so much since his start
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  12. Seth 'Freakin' Rollins...

    Mainly because he has the ability to put on the best matches...
    & has shown he has the skills & endurance to work any kind
    of match.

    Of course I will admit Seth has his flaws...and he MAY be a
    little dangerous in the ring...but come on...the guy has all the
    gifts to possibly be one of the best of all time.

    Once Ambrose is back...why not have the Shield take Lesnar
    down...but instead of Reigns getting the win...why not have
    Roman "step aside" and let Seth be the one to "Slay the Beast"?

    That might help Roman get over with the crowd & he could then
    fall back into the role of "Silent Enforcer" which he should have
    been playing this entire time.

    Or they could just call Goldberg again...I mean he did it in
    86 seconds.

    Everyone remembers that right? Lesnar being "bitched" in
    under 2 minutes...I know I do.

    It was so Awesome...

    Of course...Vince like Big, Sweaty men...so it will mostly be
    one of them.

    Perhaps the WWE could have 5 or 6 "Guys" instead of just 1?

    Like say pick 3 guys to be their main heels & 3 guys to be thier
    main faces while building other guys up in the mid-card.

    Of course that's just an idea...

    These are all just thoughts & ideas...

    My brain hurts...
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  13. You don't have to worry about being dangerous against the beast.

    Seth v Roman v Dean v Brock for the title. Seth the ultimate opportunist steals the victory from Roman. I think that could be really good. Much prefer a singles match of sorts tho.
  14. Anyone think its possible that they reverse the decision and give the title to Roman? I mean both his feet did touch the ground first. Rules are rules
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  15. Yeah...that's how RAW is going open this week...

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  16. No chance. No chance in the house. 4 years of build just for Roman to win on a technicality. Undertaker lost his streak so that Brock can put someone over big.
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  17. I say Bobby Lashley. That would make for a great match up, IMO.
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  18. Sounds like a Vince idea to me...

    Russo that is...


    Undertaker's streak has nothig to do with this...and
    whatever the streak was worth was wasted when
    Goldberg bitched Brock in 86 seconds.
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  19. Undertaker put Brock over big at Mania so that he could eventually put Roman over even more. Even though that plan changed with Goldberg. The orginal intention is still a valid point. Brock isnt going to lose by a descion turn based on a technicality days after the match.
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  20. Unless he "takes his ball & goes home" & doesn't give the WWE a choice in the matter.

    Perhaps Lesnar simply doesn't want to put Reigns over?

    Has anyone thought of that?
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