If NXT was a main show...

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Crayo, Nov 4, 2013.

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  1. But was exactly the same in every way (a show dedicated to developmental talents; independent stories etc.), would you want it to air to more people and potentially replace SmackDown? Post why/why not.

    Only thought about posting this because of how crap SmackDown truly is and what a useless brand it has become. NXT is the only other brand to RAW that has any purpose.
  2. While I do agree that NXT > Smackdown, last weeks SD episode was pretty good. That being said, I would love to see NXT get more widespread attention but replace Smackdown? I don't think so. What I would REALLY like to see is a couple of NXT stars showing up on the main shows like the main stars do on NXT once in awhile. Even if they always lose. Good way to set up that 1-2-3 Kid-like storyline.
  3. I'd like to see NXT aired publicly but I don't think it should replace Smackdown. If Smackdown was no more then not as many wrestlers would get air time,and, it would also lead to more main roster wrestlers being booked on NXT which means there would be less time for the developmental stars to shine.
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  4. I have to disagree with the entire tone of the thread. Smackdown is far from useless. It has stellar matches week in and week out. I love NXT, and I'd love to see it on cable TV. That said, to have it replace Smackdown sounds incredibly short-sighted and ignorant of Smackdown's intrinsic value to the company.
  5. NXT should be on tv worldwide the world should see what new talent awaits the main roster
  6. Hm, I'm not sure having your developmental show on TV is a great idea. Local stuff like it was with FCW, sure, but having development on nation-wide TV sounds weird. SD is on and off these days, sometimes there's an alright episode but it's mostly Raw leftovers so it's kinda useless. I wouldn't complain if it happened but if it didn't I'd be fine too.
  7. Putting NXT on national TV seems unwise, it's merely a developmental show. These guys are down there for a reason.
    However, bringing some NXT Concepts to Smackdown would be a good idea. The backstage segments, the lovably goofy characters (as opposed to the despicable goofy ones)... hell, may even go as far as to have Smackdown-only storylines and feuds that don't extend onto PPV to help the show feel more self-contained and give you a reason to watch.

    For us who care about storylines and meaningful matches, Smackdown has just become so irrelevant. I barely remember to post the spoilers any more. But there's nothing wrong with just liking wrestling for match quality so at least they have that going for it. :emoji_slight_smile:
  8. Smackdown does have value. Obviously, it's not treated with the same diligence as Raw but that's never gonna change. Doesn't mean it's worthless. I don't watch NXT (though I might start soon) but I can't be led to believe that a training/developmental show would be better or feel more important to the casual audience than a show that still showcases superstars and angles from the main roster. No doubt NXT feels fresher and appeals to some, but 99.9% of the mass audience wouldn't watch it over Smackdown. These people haven't been brought up to the main roster yet for a reason.
  9. The NXT title should be contested on RAW an SD sometimes to help ppl get over before the jump. Like the Zayn and Dallas match from 2 maybe 3 weeks ago that would've gone over so well and helped the eventual step up.
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  10. I think it would be good to bring NXT back to Syfy (or somewhere) in the type of slot that ECW used to fill. I have to download episodes of NXT to watch them because my cable provider does not carry the Brighthouse network (or whatever the hell it's called). Likewise, none of the other cable companies carries it and neither does DirecTV. Putting it on a national stage (in a spot where they aren't worried as much about ratings) would help the developmental wrestlers get some widespread attention.

    So far as Smackdown goes, I think it's far from irrelevant. Smackdown has its place in WWE storyline development and allows more talent an opportunity to get national exposure. In that, it serves its purpose. Plus, it's just a generally entertaining show.

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