If only TNA would make more work on their games

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Jose Tortilla, Oct 15, 2012.

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  1. Like WWE does every year.. I would really buy it asap.
    I own one TNA game, but it sucks ass. If they would sign with a good company to create the game, work on it for a while, and put it on the market, it would sell like a mofo imo. I'd even would stop and think for a sec if I would even buy the WWE game if TNA would come out with something similar.

    How 'bout y'all?
  2. I'd enjoy a TNA game as well.
  3. If done right, they would make a lot of money on them..
  4. Indeed, although I think it's hard to find a company that's willing to create a wrestling game (a good one) nowadays. If they were able to and put some work into it, the game could be very good indeed.
  5. True that, but I think a company would come out and apply if TNA would be seeking for a developer imo..
  6. All I want is a good wrestling game. I don't care if it comes from WWE, TNA or wherever, just a game which is actually fun and can entertain me for more than a couple of days.
  7. I doubt it would be a great seller tbh
  8. Why not?

    TNA's fanbase is growing and growing because WWE can't entertain a certain kind of fans anymore, so they switch to TNA.

    If they would announce a game, people will go and speculate about it and maybe even pre-order it, and when it's there, people will tell others, and so on..

    I think if TNA would do it right like WWE does, it could be a hit.
  9. [​IMG]

    TNA has great graphics as well. I'd get one of their games if they made it recently.
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  10. Were they not both made by THQ?
  11. Sure they did, Hoss..

    But the gameplay sucked dick.. And to be totally honest, Booker doesn't look like that at all in my TNA game. :sad:
  12. :lol1: That Booker T model still cracks me up.
  13. What makes you believe this? Ratings, buy rates, ect don't suggest this at all.
  14. Nope. It was made by Midway Games.

    Oh, haven't played the game so I wouldn't know but I saw that pic and it looked good with the graphics.
  15. More games would be balls awesome.
  16. We're not the only forum on the web with WWE fans who decide to switch a little to TNA, brother..
  17. A few message board smarks who start watching Impact on Youtube and streaming PPVs isn't exactly building a sudden dedicated hardcore fanbase
  18. All fine, dude.. Just try to think out of the box a little..:pity:
  19. They've got a bigger UK fanbase than WWE do I think ? They could certainly make a good profit out of it anyway, I'm sure there will be lots of people like me who just want a change from the usual WWE crap.
  20. TNA needs to be more in the UK, that's for sure. UK fans are in complete love with TNA. They should capitalize on it.
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