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Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Jonathan, Mar 13, 2013.

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  1. Have Taker go over Punk at WM, next night on Raw, Punk runs his mouth about being robbed, should be champ etc.
    Vinnie Mac comes out and tells him he has to start from the bottom again to earn a title shot.

    Fast forward to December, Punk has been unbeaten since that Raw and has beat just about everyone on the Roster, gets on the mic and says he now deserves a title shot as he has beaten everyone......then GONG, Taker comes out, you still need to beat me.

    Punk says ok, on one condition he beats Taker at Royal Rumble, Taker retires, Taker beats Punk he gets Punks Title shot at WM XXX.

    Punk wins after an epic battle, shakes Takers hand turning face in the process, Taker retires, Punk goes on to face heel Cena at WM XXX for the Title.

    This also allows both Taker and Paul Bearer to be inducted into the Hall of Fame at WM XXX
  2. It's fine on paper but I kind of hate, mainly because how would Punk going against authority involve him being a heel? I know Vinnie Mac is over as a face but it's logical he'd be giving fans a plan to root for Punk, Taker shouldn't retire at the Rumble IMO, he either needs to go out at WM or SVS, since WM has become his only calling recently I'd be inclined to end it there just to be poetic if nothing else.

    It's a decent build which I should support but I just can't get behind it if that makes sense, apologies if I'm being overly critical on what is a solid idea however.
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  3. I adore the method of eliminating Punk from the title scene for a whole because of his long reign but keeping him relevant by having him have to earn it all. You could turn Vinnie heel in a way by him keep putting obstacles in Punk's way. Like Punk wins the challenge he is set that night, then Vince comes out like "Oh, didn't you know you had to face this person as well?" etc. It'd be a great way to turn face because eventually people would sympathise, and then he could feud with Vince/WWE.
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  4. How about this(for Taker, not about Punk):-
    At WM 30, it should be Undertaker vs Kane. Now, Taker and Kane have feuded for almost their whole career. Their feud has been on and off. So, it would be fitting to have their last match against each other. Taker wins. Kane goes on a rampage, destroying everyone. At Survivor Series, Kane and Taker face off in a Buried Alive Match. Kane wins. Next day on RAW, Kane comes to the ring and says he wants to introduce a guy we all know--- Mark Calaway, not as The Undertaker, Mark Calaway himself. Mark would say thanks for supporting and loving me for these years. The Undertaker has finally Rest...... In....... Peace.
    Then Kane and Undertaker,erm, Mark Calaway would proceed to do their signature post match celebration, (flames rising the ring post) and exit the arena(just like WM 28). At Hall Of Fame, the day before WM 31, Taker, Kane and Paul Bearer should be inducted in the HOF. How's my idea?
  5. Undertaker retiring at Royal Rumble? Really?

    If he can make it to Wrestlemania XXX (he can), he should hang it up there.
  6. I like this idea tbh, but as it's already been posted Taker's career should never end a Royal Rumble PPV, his last match must be at WrestleMania imo.
  7. See this is the type of mind that WWE need in their creative team as some of the story lines in the recent months have been a bit lacklustre if i do say so my self
  8. And this is exactly why we won't see it on TV, because Creative has no one to think of something like this, or even close to this.

    "Hey I know lets have Taker beat Punk then have Punk come out on RAW and have a WWE title match with Cena" would be their mindset.
  9. I think the best thing for punk to do is take a bit of time off because as it has been stated many times before he had a really busy schedule imagine the pop that he would get when he returned
  10. Can they afford to let him have time off? They only have Punk and Cena as the top guys in the company.. :silva:
  11. True but that shows how desperate they are for main event talent.

    Personally I would allow punk to take time off because in my opinion that will allow his character to refreshing
  12. Oh for sure I'd have him take time off because the heel shtick has became a bit bland in my opinion, the whole I'm the best in the world has ran it's course. A few months off is definitely needed.
  13. Also remember the pop he got when he returned to raw after he won the title at money in the bank. If the could somehow get the same reaction as that if they were to bring him back imagine his popularity.

    But to be honest they would need the right crowd to pull something like that off for the second time and for the past few raws the crowd has been abysmal
  14. After he "re-signed" and had a stare-down and 'who can get the best reaction from holding the title above their head' face off?

    Yeah, that was an epic reaction, but crowds like that are rare. I think it would have to be Chicago or New York, or possibly Las Vegas for a reaction like that again.

    I was really disappointed by Old School RAW's Crowd. This week wasn't that bad, but still pretty shit.
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