If Piper came back for a Piper's pit, who'd be your guest?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jul 1, 2013.

  1. I love these segments (when he isn't drunk and whores the spotlight), and think they can be used wonderfully to showcase young talent. Barrett thrived under it in 2010 I think it was.

    If there were to be a new Piper's pit this week on RAW, who would you want as the guest and why?
  2. :hmm: Dolph Ziggler would be a good guest on Piper's Pit. I think if they wanted to turn Kane heel again that would be the place to do it, so he would be good for it as well. My last pick would be Zeb Colter
  3. Punk and Heyman being on these would be an absolute fapfest, although it'd probably be best used to get Ziggler over as a face.
  4. I have no interest in Piper being around anymore.
  5. That's not the question nigga.

    If Piper's on form, like he was in the 2010 segment. Drunk Piper can gtfo.

  6. Idk man, just tired of WWE trotting out old timers. Piper in particular just doesn't appeal to me at this point in the game.

    So if I had to choose someone to work with him? How about the PTPs on Superstars.

  7. Racist. Ban plz.

    I don't really care for Piper being around much anymore either, but if he's going to be, then a segment with either Punk or Heyman (or both) would be my preference. Putting the two best current mic workers in WWE with one of the best mic workers of all time (though I was never much of a Piper fan) would be ideal.
  8. Lmao. Good answer.

    Would make me watch Superstars though, PTP are awesome.
  9. I think right now it would have to be ADR with the heel turn and stuff. I think that would be the perfect guest to have and maybe the segment ending with Del Rio vs. ADR at that Raw, y'know, how it usually goes.
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  11. Cesaro and Colter, just to seem them slam his drunk ass.
  12. Dean Ambrose,why? Because I'm a mark.:cry:Seriously though,I feel like it would make for a great segment.
  13. Ambrose would be pretty damn awesome on Piper's Pit. Shield in general would.
  14. Roddy Pipper will never be on WWE tv ever again did you see what happened when he was last on he was clearly drunk and was gonna mess up a in ring segment really badly but Miz grabbed the mic off him and saved that segment
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