If Prince Devitt makes the decision to come to the wwe.

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by MsShield, Feb 12, 2014.

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  1. who do you want to see him wrestle?
  2. Bryan,Regal,Cesaro,Zayn,Kidd
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  3. Bryan, Cesaro, Zayn, Kidd, Regal, Rollins, Hawkins (surprisingly good wrestler), Neville, Cena (I think they could gel well).
  4. Kidd, D Bry, Bray wyatt, Cesaro, everyone actually.
  5. I'm sure he could put out decent bouts with most of the roster but matches I'd really want to see: vs. Neville, vs. Cesaro, vs. Zayn, vs. Kidd, vs. Bryan, vs. Swagger, vs. Ziggler, vs. Del Rio, vs. Sheamus, vs. Regal, vs. Rollins, vs. Rhodes, etc.
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