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  1. What do you reckon the financial implications would be? We all rant about the product appealing to young kids which makes the show less quality (in our opinion), but there must be financial implications restricting WWE projecting their product to the adult fanbase? Would they NEED to remove the PG restrictions to appeal to us in the highest quality possible?

    I know PG is NOT the reason that WWE is lackluster like many many fans believe it is, but if you were to have the product appeal to those over 18, would you need to remove it to be more free and creative? Bringing it back to finance, surely they wouldn't lack advertisement publishers? You would just have different types of advertisements right? Surely if MORE people watch your product -- which isn't a certainty if you appeal to adults -- you would generate more income through advertisements?

    Or has it got nothing to do with finance, is it about the companies image? They have anti-bullying campaigns which are filled with ironic hypocrisies already, that would be doubled if you saw adult-material week in week out on RAW wouldn't it? The make-a-wish foundation probably wouldn't want to be associated with WWE, as the kids wouldn't be allowed to watch the product.

    Just trying to make you think outside the box. Is there a compromise? Could WWE be a lot more edgy -- but not too edgy -- and still be associated with such campaigns? Could they be edgy enough for the adult fans to be highly entertained but remain under the PG guideline and carry on with make-a-wish and the anti-bullying campaign?
  2. There are multiple reasons they are PG. For one, adults tend to buy less merchandise or want to pay $50 for a monthly PPV. Children, on the other hand, will pressure their parents into buying said items either as a reward for doing something good, or to keep them quiet, lol. Also, being publicly traded, having stockholders makes them have to be more accountable for their product. It isn't just Vince likes it, lets do it anymore. They have to answer to a "higher power" so to speak.

    Same thing goes for advertisers. Most of the big name companies have, and want to maintain, a squeaky clean image. If you want to bring in companies like P&G, McD's, Coca-Cola, etc. You need to put on a product they can stand behind without being worried about being protested against.

    Perhaps they could put on an Attitude PPV once a year to showcase the product in a TV-14 or higher rating just to satisfy the audience that misses it the most.
  3. I understood the first part, but there would be plenty of advertisers willing to distribute their advertisements on a popular adult-related show. Especially if their product also relates to that same demographic; there would be absolutely loads of potential advertisements imo.

    Going back to the first part, I always see this "kids pressuring parents which results in WWE money" -- really? I don't really see that as the #1 source of income and one that would be exceedingly tarnished. Obviously we don't know for sure, but I'm unconvinced it would take a drastic fall resulting in significant less income for WWE.

    As for your PPV idea, I've not seen that idea before and have no idea whether WWE could do that. I always wondered if they could make another one of their shows (like SmackDown, or even NXT) more "attitudinal" to test the waters. You would need to separate it completely from RAW though, but it's something I always wondered. It could be a show owned by WWE but not made known on the show (no WWE app segments etc). Dunno, just spit-balling.
  4. You obviously do not have kids. Do you how all that John Cena crap sells to kids? Just like the Simpsons episode where Bart and Lisa want to go to Duff Gardens. They pressure and pressure until they get their way. Trust me, it's hard to keep saying no after a while. @Danielson can you back me up on this one?

    As for the advertisers, yes, there are plenty willing to advertise for edgier shows, but the ones who have the most money to pay you want family entertainment. You really think McDonalds (who has a shit load of money to spend on advertising) would put their spots during a show with an act of necrophilia in this day and age?
  5. I understand the logic... I don't think you need kids to understand that lmao. It's that I don't consider kid-pressure the #1 source of income or a source of income that stops the company going into different directions. It could be a great source of income, but I'm sure it's not indispensable.

    I don't know why you're acting as if there are like 4 major companies in the world lol. Every single technological company could associate themselves with an edgier WWE, as it's more likely adults are going to fork out to buy laptops than kids. Also, why associate it with necrophilia? An edgier product could just mean edgier storylines with an increase of cursing. WWE don't need to overstep the mark to make unacceptable content in the modern age. Most fast-food companies would be okay with advertising on a TV-14 product anyway; I see fast-food commercials during TNA all the time.

    Can they pay as much? Sure, there are plenty of rich companies in the world who would be willing to have an advertisement spot during a show that gets insane ratings.
  6. The issue I have with the show being aimed at kids is that the majority will grow out of it. I imagine the ones on here who still go to school here are similar to me, being one of the few who actually watches WWE anymore. Most people I know refuse to watch because it's too childish pretty much, which kinda defeats the purpose of aiming it for youth only for them to stop watching in a few years anyway. If you were to aim it at adults I don't think you're gonna lose much of the younger demographic. It's pretty rare for a parent not to allow a child of say 8+ to watch WWE, even when the product is more edgy. Kids are gonna be less likely to grow out of it and more likely to keep watching as it isn't as socially unacceptable to do so.

    I'm not gonna get into the sponsorship stuff as I don't really know the ins and outs of it, but from an outsider's perspective I can't see them losing much money by making the switch.
  7. Good discussion btw @"Senhor Perfect" -- it's why I posted this thread.

    @"R'Albin" Exactly. Although the product is aimed at younger kids than the age-range you're talking about; I do think you're right on one thing. The modern parent (or the vast majority imo) would let their kids watch an edgier product. I was watching South Park at like 9 years old, and I grew up watching the Attitude Era. It's not surprising that a LOT of kids are like me and did the exact same thing. I just don't see WWE losing a lot of viewers or income if they went down this route once more.
  8. The world is a much different place now. When I was a kid things were a lot looser. It seems like everything that happens gets dissected by the media and overprotective parents. I think you should be able to put out whatever it is you want, it's up to parents to filter it at home. In society today though, there are a few who believe they can speak for the many and it scares companies like WWE. I'm hoping it's cyclical and we can get back to the days of more freedom, but I don't see it happening any time soon.
  9. Whilst I agree about the media, I honestly think kids today see more of this stuff than ever. It's more available (especially with the internet) and is becoming more popular. Kids today are definitely more mischievous than kids in past eras in my opinion. Though we are sort of getting side-tracked, lol.
  10. When the internet first started up though, there was no nanny software like there is today. I was able to download and look at whatever I wanted with no consequence. Everything has become more guarded and sheltered IMO. And we get side tracked in every other thread :otunga:
  11. Well, I'm not really sure. I don't see something that would be a deal-breaker for the to push the program to adults, tbh. By that I mean that most things that they would lose with kids they could regain with adults. Sure, they won't buy a John Cena t-shirt, but didn't nWo and SCSA merchandise sell like water too? They'd lose Mattel as a sponsor, but there are maaany other sponsors available for TV-14 companies. I think in this PC world, WWE higher-ups just feel like it's safer to stay like that. But the thing is, they don't need to be TV-14 to be entertaining, we've said that thousands of times. Back in 2003 (or so) there was that HLA stuff on Raw, looking back on it I find it embarassing. That sort of sexual stuff doesn't really need to be associated to wrestling imo, they can have a great show without that. It's all about good booking and getting away from overly childish crap, such as the current Cena character and other things we see in WWE. I think wrestling can be interesting without going too far into PG or too far into TV-14 tbh.
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  12. Great post. Just to clarify to readers, this isn't about WWE going back to TV-14. The thread is about the consequences of having an edgier adult-orientated product.

    Also, great point about merchandise there. CM Punk out-sold everyone for a LONG period with his "BITW" t-shirt during the Summer of CM Punk. Nexus shirts also sold more than anyone for a period during their era as well. If this isn't proof that adults can out-buy kids then what is? Push something right, and it will appeal to more people than the one demographic of 9 and under.
  13. Is there any place to find out the numbers for merch? I'd love to know how much guys actually sell.
  14. I don't think so. The only source I think is the WWE.COM top seller list (in terms of products). We can judge from that.
  15. The problem with edgier adult-orientated product is that the parents will complain. Do you remember Brock Lesnar vs John Cena? Many mums complained about that due to the ruthlessness in the match. I know that they wouldn't mind doing that however this falls under public relations as they want to keep their customers happy although you can't keep all of them happy you can keep the majority of them happy which is the children and parents.

    I agree, parents can also be fans of edgier adult-orientated product however a minority of parents don't want their children to watch certain content such as, John Cena bleeding excessively due to Brock Lesnar. I mean, there's certain boundaries and lengths that they can go to before the audience starts complaining. We may find it really entertaining however there's families out there that don't want to view content as such but want to watch a family-friendly product thus being the current WWE. This discussion can go on for days as to what they can and can't do - it's all opinion based.
  16. Reason wwe is aimed at kids as adults will bring however many children they have and will buy them t shirts,posters etc.kids always want something.
  17. I agree with Perfect on the children being the one's to be more inclined to buy the merchandise and ask for the PPV's and then you also have the advertisers who open up more to WWE because of it's good image. However i think they could have gotten good advertisers either way because they're not advertising Dove soap for women or Slip N' Slides. Th majority of the advertisements are geared towards men with things like 5 hour energy and autozone. I think the PG image is mainly being a part of a publicly traded company so they have to do what the investors want at time and I don't think no investor wants to say "I own stock in a company that makes women bark like dogs", they'd rathe say "I won stock in the company that promotes anti-bullying". Not only that, but WWE is starting to venture out into things like movies, so being a filmmaker I know that you need financiers to back these projects and they will be biased based on the people running the movie, so the better the image the higher chance of getting the backer. I'm sure there's other avenues that this applies to as well.
  18. Kids will still watch a wrestling show aimed towards adults. Maybe not quite in the same numbers, but they will. WCW you always saw kids with NWO shirts on (I had one). During the AE all we did on the playground was discuss this weeks Raw or the upcoming PPV.

    That's my take. Kids love wrestling. You may lose some kids because of strict parents, but you more than make up for that with interested viewers aged 16-40.
  19. My son skyler 100% likes John Cena the most.
  20. We've already seen the wrestling version of crash TV back in the Attitude Era (mainly 1999), so I'm not interested in seeing it again if that's what you mean by a more adult-oriented product. If you mean just the inclusion of blood and cursing or whatever, those things aren't even completely missing. They're already TV-14 on PPV. The corporate section of their website even says that they're TV-14 in the last hour or Raw. (They were PG on Smackdown back in the day...) PG isn't the problem, just appealing mainly to kids is. Kids will still watch a product that is more geared towards adults, because I and several others did during the AE. Hell, WCW, with their awesome NWO angle (which was more geared towards adults than kids) was technically a PG show.

    I'm sure they'll go back to TV-14 eventually one day, though. Maybe within the next 2-3 years.
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