If Rock does become champion...

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Nov 11, 2012.

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  1. Would he take the belt with him on all the mainstream media attention he gets? Red carpets, interviews, tv shows, etc.

    I can't see him doing that, I'm sure his acting career benefits from distancing from WWE.
  2. I don't see him doing it either.

    I also think he is actually going off to shoot a movie like the week before or after the Royal Rumble (Hercules) so that would mean even less mainstream media events for him since he would be stuck on set for a month or two leading up to mania.
  3. Another reason why I don't want to see him as champ, but if he won it the least he could do was to show up to events with it. The guy is the champ as a part timer and won't even take the belt to places :downer:
  4. I don't want him champ period
  5. Here is Rocky's 2012-2013 schedule courtesy of IMDB.

    He's got a full schedule ahead of him it seems.
  6. I think if he does get the title, he'll lose it on the same night or on the next night during RAW. I don't see him reigning the title because of all the mainstream media he gets and his busy schedule.
  7. He won't take it with him. When he's out of the building, he's an actor again.. Inside the building, he's a wrestler and has it with him.
  8. If The Rock wins the WWE Championship I see him losing it at a big event like WrestleMania 29.
  9. He should wear it IN his movies. :dawg:
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  10. Imagine if he special guest starred in The Walking Dead with the belt :shock:

    I would hate it. He is a part time guy, who has wrestle no more then 5 matches for the last couple of years, sure he defeated Cena fairly, but so what. There are other wrestlers as well, beating one guy, and disappearing for half a year shouldn't get you a title shot, much less win, even if he is the face of the company.
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