Elimination Chamber If Rock were to get injured badly at EC

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Crayo, Feb 4, 2013.

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  1. Which ruled him out of Wrestlemania, what do you reckon WWE would do?
  2. Probably lose a quick match on RAW, have the Shield "injure" him, maybe have him come back next year for revenge.
  3. Vince would probably have a heart attack or stroke. He'd probably be forced to drop the title. I could then see Cena and Punk wrestle to crown a new champion at mania and Rock somehow costing Punk it.
  4. I think they'd add Brock and Triple H into the WWE title main event. It'd make no storyline sense but a triple threat between those three (Cena ofc) would be awesome and would draw amazingly well I'd imagine.
  5. They'll probably have the Rock forfeit the title on Raw after giving an emotional speech about how he did it for the fans and even though he longer carries the belt he'll always be the people's champion. Then he'll go make a movie.
  6. Wishful thinking by the OP I see, even though he'll try to deny it. :cole:
  7. Could see him vacating the belt due to injury, yes. Then we'd probably get Cena/Punk at Mania.
  8. John Cena vs CM Punk and Triple H vs Brock Lesnar would have to carry the years WrestleMania.
  9. Rock would give a speech on Raw about how he has to forfeit the belt, but that he'll still be there at Wrestlemania to award the new champion the title. Cena/Punk gets set up for Wrestlemania as the big final match ever between the two, which wouldn't be as big of a draw but would still be just fine with me, and Cena finally gets his win over Punk. Rock hands him the belt and raises his hand in victory.
  10. Please change your sig :sad: it scares the shit out of me :damnn:
  11. Brock/Ryback to replace him. Simple as that.

    But he's called The Rock for some reason, aye.. He big, he strong, he'll say that the show must go on.
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