If Rock wins at Rumble…

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Laura, Nov 25, 2012.

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  1. …will CM Punk get his obligatory rematch? From everything I’ve read, it seems that if Rock wins the title, he’s not going to defend it at all until Wrestlemania, not even at EC. It would pretty unfair not give the (almost) longest reigning champion in 25 years a rematch.
  2. If he did, I would guess in a triple threat match at Wrestlemania, because to be honest. I really don't want Rock Vs. Cena II.
  3. I still have a feeling that Punk will go over on Rock.
  4. I also have a feeling Punk will go over at the Rumble, but in the chance that Rock does win the belt, I would expect a Rock-Cena rematch. I don't see them putting Punk in the main event (triple threat) and yet having him lose the belt before then when it would mean more to lose it at the big show. Maybe they'll have a one on one rematch at Elimination Chamber or something.
  5. If Rock wins, he just has to defend it every PPV, if not.. :gtfo:
  6. If Rock won it and then didn't defend the title until WM it would make a mockery of the titile and the WWE. So Punk is defo going over as not even VKM would be that stupid would he?
  7. There will be a EC match For #1 cont. punk will win then .......
  8. You never know about the rematch thing. It may be put off until after WM and then CM Punk will do the I NEVER GOT MY REMATCH thing. Assuming Rock wins to begin with of course.
  9. Seems likely.
  10. Of course there will be a rematch. It would be the stupidest move ever by WWE unless they injure off Punk, and even I can't see them doing that. Hope The Rock gets his ass whopped though, would like to see Punk make him tap out. Just Saiyan.
  11. I bitched so much about Ryback getting an opportunity and title matches. If The Rock really strolls his ass in and becomes champion and shows up to raw once every month and defends at the PPV it will be awful IMO. He may cut his Hollywood promos and keep us entertained but he does not deserve it at all. I love The Rock and if he stayed around, i'd love for him to be champ. We all know he won't though
  12. At least Ryback was there every week on camera. The thing is The Rock wants to do movies more I assume since he doesn't put them aside. If he did what Jericho did and just organize a time where he would be full time on WWE, then leave and go back to movies, then it wouldn't be a problem since he would be there full time, but he doesn't do that. The Rock is a great entertainer no doubt, and made an impact in wrestling in the past, and if he won the championship again he would make an impact again, but this one being a bad hit. I have nothing against him, but he didn't earn this shot this time, over the past years he has wrestled a total of two matches, one being against Cena, the other a tag team match. The other times were just promos or he wasn't here at all. I want more then that from any WWE champion, hell even Big Show makes a better champion, at least he's there and loyal.
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  13. Rock is even shooting a movie right after the Royal Rumble (Hercules) up until right after Wrestlemania. I have a hard time seeing him have time for the RAW after the Rumble.
  14. I honestly see Punk winning due to a Cena interference. Punk/Ryback most likely at Wrestlemania with Ryback going over - ending Punk's awesome reign - and being the new face of WWE, then we will have Cena/Rock part 2.
  15. Personally, I'm hoping Punk retains at RR. I don't care who he eventually loses it to, (as long as it's someone on the actual roster) but The Rock as WWE champ simply makes no sense. Then again, it never made sense for the The Rock to beat Cena, either. Whatever happens, I'm sure it'll be disapointing.
  16. On the off-chance that Rock wins the title at the Rumble, it really wouldn't matter to me if they ignored CM Punk's rematch clause because I'll be way to busy bitching about The Rock winning in the first place to notice.

    That said, I don't see WWE putting the strap on The Rock unless he agreed to defend the Championship at Elimination Chamber. Which I can see him doing, since if he works a Chamber match, realistically he only would have to wrestle like five-ten minutes if he comes in last.
  17. I highly doubt Rock will compete at the chamber, he has a huge schedule with filming and promoting. GI Joe comes out around Wrestlemania time and he's going around the world - like he does with all his films - and is promoting it, whilst filming another one I think.
  18. Yeah, I agree with that. I was going on off-chances for that post. Basically, saying if Rock already agree to appear at the Chamber (which I think [and I think WWE thinks] is a must if he wins the belt, which besides the little pessimist in my ear I don't see happening), him wrestling at the Chamber to defend it would be something I can see him doing.
  19. This would be much better than Rock winning as well imo.
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