WrestleMania If Ryback goes over Henry at Wrestlemania

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Crayo, Mar 12, 2013.

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  1. Does that end the Hall of Pain gimmick? Last time it was Big Show who ruined it by beating Henry, will the same happen with Ryback? I love the gimmick but it's such a shame they have it for such short periods of time. The guy is a draw and needs to be main eventing RAW imo to put over the next face. Maybe the feud with Ryback is too soon?

  2. I hate this feud. The match will be poor and the result even worse. I don't think he should be ruined.. he is too entertaining and too believable as a big bad motherfucker, even if he loses.

    But yea, I agree, a badass like Henry can really jumpstart a faces career... It would be quite swell if he went over instead of Pink Eye
  3. Doesn't a Cena/Henry feud seem likely at some point?
  4. It would be awesome but Cena clearly goes over
  5. They say Ryback will compete with Sheamus and Orton against THE SHIELD so they can't fight, maybe Ryback competes twice but I don't know
  6. Ryback over Mark Henry needs to happen, simply because Ryback been on the losing end for far too long now.
  7. Well, on paper it's a good idea for the old guy to put the young guy over, but yeah, I'll dislike it because I really think Henry could be used better for a while longer.
  8. I think Ryback should definitely go over Henry but this feud has been sone far too soon, they should have give Henry a title feud, give him the belt for a while keeping up his Hall of Pain gimmick and then eventually have Ryback go over him, at the minute Henry doesn't look as strong as he could as he hasn't gone over as many people as he could have and has just come back, so right decision but too early if they do this imo.
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  9. The problem is where do you put Henry without this? It beats a match up with Khali that seemed to be teased for a while or a clusterfucky multiman tag.
  10. Exactly, I wish Henry had returned longer before Mania to build him more again and give him a few PPV wins in the bag before this as now he's just coming back to get beat straight away. Like I said, right feud but too soon imo.
  11. IMO he should have had the WHC match. Should have dominated the chamber, and went against ADR at Wrestlemania. You either end ADR's reign which isn't getting much attention and have a dominant heel monster draw champion after Wrestlemania who is seemingly unstoppable, or you can put over ADR significantly against Henry.

    Doing the first could result in putting over a face big time when Henry finally drops it.
  12. Looking at the SD spoilers...

    Show Spoiler
    Ryback is now in another 6-man with Borton and Sheamus vs The Shield at Mania. But later on in the show Henry hit Ryback with 4 WSM's, so whether Ryback says he's not being part of the team and goes on to face Henry we'll have to wait and see. I'm guessing Show will join the babyface team then...
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