If Shield are to become tag-team champions

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Apr 21, 2013.

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  1. Which two would you want competing during the match? I presume going against Team Hell No would result in a clean victory (I hope so anyway), so there's no need to have the third guy interfere as such.
  2. Personally, I love Ambrose and Reigns for their intensity, quickness, and excitement that they bring to the ring. They're both so strong and exciting to watch. At times I feel like they've carried Rollins even though he's gotten better as of late.
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  3. Rollins and Reigns, let Ambrose take a singles title. Like Evolution.
  4. I believe Ambrose & Reigns or Seth & Reigns, Reigns is definitely going to be in the tag team.
  5. See I thought Reigns would be the guy who wouldn't. Even though we'd all prefer it to be Ambrose who gets the singles push, I think it's obvious WWE would go with Reigns due to his size/look. Ambrose & Seth look more like a team, wouldn't you agree?
  6. Yeah, and Reigns could be the muscle and help them win matches while Ambrose and Rollins hold the belts.
  7. I don't know Crayo, Reigns seems like a staple in a tag team. Ambrose or Rollins would be more suited for singles. I had that thought when I notice reigns hits a spear on however they are attacking, but I look at teams, especially the tag champs, and think WWE would put reigns in as a team. I would prefer Rollins & Ambrose, because they are sound technically and would be great as a team, sort of like Miz & Morrison were
  8. :hmm: Not really sure. Ambrose and Rollins seems to be the easy choices, with Reigns playing the outside enforcer role (ugh).

    Using the Freebird Rule seems way too obvious not to do.
  9. I'd prefer to see Ambrose and Rollins, but i'd just like to see any of them on TV.
  10. Rollins because I love Rollins and Ambrose because his power would make the match more entertained, at least for me...
  11. If you like power, surely Reigns would be the guy you would want?
  12. Made a mistake, it's true, I wanted to say Reigns...
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  13. I'd rather they used the Freebird rule. But if they don't I guess they'll go with Rollins and Ambrose.
  14. For the actual match (since I, like others, feel they'll just Freebird this title reign afterwards anyway), I can see them going with a combination of either Ambrose/Rollins or Rollins/Reigns. With the former, it seems Ambrose and Rollins go together well and I can see Reigns being a sort of Diesel-like bodyguard on the outside, just waiting for either Kane or Bryan to be thrown to the outside so he can attack and destroy them (clothesline, slam into the steps or the ring post, etc.)

    On the other hand, Rollins and Reigns counter balance each other quite nicely - Rollins can be the athletic one who uses his quickness to his and their advantage and Reigns is the powerhouse muscle who comes in with the big power moves. Team Hell No works the same way, with Kane as the big man and Bryan as the one using technical skill and quickness to his and their advantage. I can also imagine a spot in the match where Kane and Reigns want the other's partner to tag the other in so they can go at it to see who the true dominant big man is. Imagine Kane getting tagged in by Bryan and then Kane telling Rollins to tag in Reigns because he wants some of him. Meanwhile, during all of this, Ambrose can be sort of the observer on the outside since he's the closest to being the 'leader' of The Shield that there is. (Notice how virtually every time The Shield begins to speak, Ambrose always speaks first.)

    The one combination I can't see happening is Ambrose/Reigns.
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  15. I think it will be Rollins and Ambrose. The fact that they come out together whilst Reigns walks alone kind of signals that they are the more gelled together unit. Plus as Crayo said, Reigns with his look seems like the guy the WWE would give the singles push to. Something I would have disliked at the start of the Shield but now considering how Roman has stepped up I am okay with that.

    Also GrayJ, Rollins has had to be carried? Roman was the one to be carried a bit at the start of the program but neither guy has really needed to be carried out of the three.
  16. Like Lockard said. The most intelligent way would be the Freebird stuff, they have stated a lot of times that they are one, so it makes sense.

    I can see rollins-Ambrose as an quick-Powerhouse duo. Ambrose would be the mindfucker.
    Reign has the look that the WWE wants. It reminds me of batista,but Reigns its samoan,wich gives him a +1 . Reigns might be the first one who goes solo and the first one to turn face. There's no point of having an Ambrose-Reigns since Rollins doesnt work as a manager.
  17. If Shield were to go for the tag championship sthe two that I think that would be competing would be Ambrose and Rollins. Those two seem to get paired up a lot and it would seem so off to have the big guy teamed with one of them. Based on "look" they would probably want to make Reigns a midcard champion anyway, possible break away from the group as well.
  18. I personally would like Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins to compete. Reigns seems more like the bodyguard type, sorta like Big E. He would be used more as an outside enforcer for the Shield.
  19. Rollins/Ambrose. Simple because they'd put on the better match.
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