If Sin Cara just never connects with the fans

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Stopspot, Jan 21, 2013.

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  1. The way that Vince and Hunter wants, what are the chances that they just release Mistico in favor of putting Hunico (a luchador that speaks English well and has performed as Sin Cara before) back under the mask and give him a run where the character can expresses itself. Or just drops the character all together in favor of other ventures (ADR, Ricardo, Hunico as another character, El Generico - lol - or another latino signing). What do you think is the most likeliest? Rey is on his final stretch so WWE has to find a new Latino face, they seem to have found one in ADR but I have a hard time thinking they will let go of the lucha market considering they seem to sell a lot of masks and such. I don't know if ADR could sell as much merch and if they would be willing to give that revenue up.

    What do you think?
  2. I think they'll keep insisting on Sin Cara for a while. What's he doing these days anyway?
  3. Obvious answer: Seems too logical for WWE to do.
  4. I really would like to see Huncio given the chance under the mask again he is much more reliable/hardly botches/speaks good english and is a fantastic worker.
  5. I also preferred the colour and attitude of his Sin Cara.
  6. Hopefully he's needed back on his home planet and must quickly leave to resolve this problem, never to be heard from again.

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    Then his spaceship crashes on the way home
  7. Hunico > > > SIn Cara
  8. Wasn't ADR push because of Cara's failure in the first place?

    Anyway, I never liked Sin Cara, ADR & Hunico are light years ahead of him.
  9. I think they will keep sin cara for the foreseeable futture. Also, a match against mysterio, could do wonders for his career.
  10. I think the language barrier is his major issue along with looking a lot like Rey Mysterio as far as his wrestling techniques. He needs to form his own identity as a wrestler otherwise he looks like a copycat.
  11. his style being similar to Mysterio's was one of the reasons he was hired. They wanted him as Rey's heir but a bad start in the company (not being able to wrestle the WWE style and connect with fans vocally) led to him not getting as over as intended.
  12. I don't think they'll release Sin Cara because he has gotten better. He doesn't botch as much as he used to and maybe he's taking time off now, so that he can learn english because I don't think he's injured right? I do agree that Hunico should get a spot in that, he's really great in the ring and he can speak english. If WWE gets him off that Mexican Cartel gimmick he'd be good under a mask.
  13. Los Conquistadors 2.0?
  14. Hunico in a mask would be the best option as I loved him working as Sin Cara.
  15. It's not like Hunico has ever connected with the fans either. I think the answer could be El Generico to be honest.
  16. This might just be me. But I think people are suggesting Hunico partially because he never got a chance to try and connect with the crowd. He was brought up as a placeholder and then they did the short Cara vs Cara feud to write him out and then just kept him as the Latino jobber. So I guess people are giving him the benefit of the doubt.
  17. But Generico can't speak either, can he? I know he's Canadian and speaks English and stuff, but according to Colt Cabana his promo skills are no bueno.
  18. His French-Canadian accent is very thick, I heard his voice for the first time a week or two ago when someone posted a video. It wasn't pretty :silva:
  19. Yeah, I think him just saying Ole should be enough. I think Generico can work well in the WWE, I just don't think he can be the face of anything because he shouldn't speak.
  20. It's not like Hunico is even much better than Sin, he can talk on the mic but he's diabolical.
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