If Someone Waved A Magic Wand...

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Lockard 23, May 21, 2013.

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  1. ...and told you that you could choose one career profession (and ONLY one) and that whatever you chose, you'd be one of the best ever at it, what would you choose?

    Detective? Lawyer? Promoter of some kind (wrestling, boxing, UFC/MMA, etc.)? Painter? Artist? Author? Actor? Director? Screenwriter? Athlete in some kind of sport? Wrestler? Creator of a TV show? TV writer? Video game designer? Could be anything...

    I think I'd have to go with filmmaker. Or screenwriter. I dunno, I'd want to be a creative genius on some level and director and screenwriter are two things that go together obviously, but they're still technically two different professions. I'd love the credit for creating my own masterful story (or a number of them), but I like the idea of bringing a story to life on-screen more so, whether it was one I personally wrote and created on paper or not.
  2. I've always wanted to be a musician so I'd probably choose that. I'm a pretty good flutist but it's such a hard profession to get into. If I was the best in my given field then I would be able to live out my dreams. Music is such an important part of my life so this would be awesome :emoji_slight_smile:
  3. I don't need a magic wand to chase my dreams. I'd do it anyway.
  4. Definitely athlete. Either basketball or a combat sport. Being one of the best boxers ever would be dope.
  5. I would love to be a pianist. To master playing the piano.. I would LOVE it!
  6. :ksi:
  7. :harvey:

  8. If I chose with my heart: hockey player

    If I chose with my mind:baseball player (most amount of money for the least wear and tear on your body as far as athletes go)
  9. Successful MMA fighter sounds fun.
    Otherwise I would enjoy being an actor, not movie but high profile TV would do just fine. Comfortable income without too much celebrity. Probably on a comedy show of some sort.
  10. Guitar teacher.

    I wanna be one like Paul Gilbert, a complete boss on the guitar, big in the guitar community and will teach anybody, but not mainstream big so I won't have to hide in public or worry about gossip and shit.
  11. Mangaka easily. Mostly because out of all my dream professions, mangaka is the hardest to achieve since I'm not that good at drawing and learning Japanese is not an easy thing to accomplish. So to be awesome at those two things would be a big load off and I probably wouldn't even think twice about pursuing a career in it, since I already have like fifteen or so ideas for mangas/anime. Which is another great thing about being a mangaka, chances are my manga will be adapted into an anime, and for obvious reasons, I'll have some involvement in the product one way or another (Hiromu Arakawa [creator of FMA] told the team of the first series not to go into filler and just do their own story [which allowed them to add foreshadowing to future events early on, and created the arguably better series] & Eiichiro Oda [creator of One Piece] at the very least has say on whether or not they can use a certain power for fillers and have even sometimes given them cut material to add to the anime version [the Daddy episode of the Loguetown arc sticks out]) so that's kind of a loophole to the one profession rule (though, I'd most likely be too busy to have too much effect on the product besides be the source material (and anime's are normally faithful so there's that).
  12. President of every country in the World. Imagine what shit I could do with that.
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