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    Who would you want to see him compete against? It's kind of obvious at this point that he's facing CM Punk, even as going as far as saying if he returned, he'd face CM Punk. I might be wrong though, I think he might have said he would have faced Brock Lesnar, but I'll take my chances and stick with CM Punk.

    But if you had the chance to choose another opponent for him, who would that be? I honestly wouldn't mind him facing The Rock once again. After a decade they face each other again? That'd be very nostalgia. Another person would be Randy Orton, probably not the best choice, but I'd rather have Orton against Stone Cole than Cena.


    As of this point of the thread, it's your choice if you read, it's going to be a discussion about the potential match between CM Punk Vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin.

    Now how would the potential match be built-up? Would we see the man who doesn't drink, doesn't smoke and doesn't do drugs against the beer drinking red neck? That seems the most logical choice as of now, but is there a chance that it can be surrounded around a different type of reasoning? Currently, CM Punk's character is about RESPECT. He demands respect, he was WWE Champion for 434 days, he claims he didn't get respect as he barely main-evented, legends disrespected him as did the fans. He will then go on to face The Undertaker's streak, to show the world that he is capable of doing the unthinkable. Fast-Forward, he loses the match and now what does he do? What's his character going to be about? John Cena will be your WWE Champion after he defeats The Rock at Wrestlemania and Vince is tired of seeing Cena and Punk compete. So the question is will CM Punk still be rambling around respect or will his gimmick be revolving around something else or how he is straight edge.

    Here are a two encounters CM Punk and Stone Cold Steve Austin had with each other in the WWE:

  2. Punk or Steen are my dream feuds.
  3. Not sure why the first image is flashing Arabic at me, but I'd love for a Punk/Austin feud with Punk being the judgemental sadistic straight edge heel.
  4. CM Punk. It could well end up being one of the best fueds ever.
  5. CmPunk no doubt
  6. Everyone choosing CM Punk and the question is anyone other than Punk. :annoyed:
  7. Lol didn't read it properly. Ambrose then. Imagine how good that would be.
  8. I was thinking Ambrose as well.
    Didn't write him up though because he just debuted and him facing against a legend so swiftly? Can't see that happening unless they build him like a monster after The Shield breaks up.
  9. Either John Cena, CM Punk or Brock Lesnar.

    Cena is an obvious choice because of being the top star but he's getting two big time matches with The Rock at Mania and probably Undertaker for his streak next year (Taker's retirement, almost certainly.) I don't want him to get a big match with Austin as Austin's final match as well.

    CM Punk is the most obvious choice, but only if he's a heel. I don't see it working well with them both as faces.

    Brock Lesnar would be a great, personal rivalry. Just an intense brawl and I'm all for intense rivalries.

    Some might say that none of these guys (not even Punk) could really 'benefit' from the rub they'd get from an Austin match. And these are some of the people I want to shake and slap, because not every match with a legend (especially a one time match) has to be about "putting someone over", especially when the only realistic options are guys who aren't really gonna get much popular than they are. One last Austin match should be against someone on his (or close to) his level, in terms of being a legend or a top name for the company.
  10. I think Ambrose would do, if he came back I'd like him to put a young star over.
  11. LOL That's right, and it has the name of an Arabian wrestling forum all over it. lmao
    I think it should be removed ASAP, Crayo.

    On Topic, it's CM Punk, just imagine the promos, I don't think there will ever be a feud that can beat their promos.
  12. I don't think Arabic wrestling forums are our competition, lol.
  13. You just insulted me. :sad::upset:
    How dare you ? :angry:
  14. Have no idea what you guy's are talking about.
  15. The pic you posted is blinking text in Arabic.
  16. No I did not :tough2:

    It's because this is an English speaking forum. I doubt many will leave for an Arabic speaking forum. Lol.
  17. The first one? It isn't for me, so I'm not bothered. :pity1:
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