if the rock had stayed........

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  1. if the rock never left the wwe would we be sick of him like we are cena? and would the p.g. era have begun because lets face it the rock aint pg
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  2. It's impossible to say. Cena wasn't pg during his midcard run but look at him now.

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  3. true however had rock stayed he would be top man and i very much doubt the so called p.g.era would have happened. rapper cena vs current rock would be epic beyond measure top promos and great in ring action however cena these days is cheesier than a pizza and the rock is being held back a bit i feel promo wise
  4. I doubt he would have still been the top man tbh. A 10 year run as the top babyafce is an unmanagable business model in this century. Look at Cena people turned on him almost instantly. Rock and Cena are more alike then people seem to recognise. Both rely on catch phrases with their promos, both are limited in the ring and they share a great amount of charisma. Rock was cheesey alot of the time also.
  5. well who would be the top man ? and true the rock was a babyface but he was a monster heel too and that ability to change persona and keep it fresh makes me think he would still be the top man in the business. and i would agree that the rock was cheesey too however i knew he would entertain me in a match despite not being a technical guy cena bores me a lot tbh. the fact they are similar shows how wooden cena really is
  6. Modern crowd? Yes. I mean didn't it happen in his past too? During his era at one point didn't he get turned on? I think they would turn on him yeah, but if he was given as much freedom as he was then maybe not as bad as they have Cena. Cena has to be limited in his promo's, Rock could and still can say anything.
  7. The top man would be John Cena. He had the raw charisma that would have made him the man no matter what obstacles were in his way. Rock was fresh for a run of 5 years. That's all he had from his run in the Nation in 1998 until his Hollywood run . Could you imagine him lasting another 10 years as the man? I can't everyone runs out what is physically possible with a character. I'm not a Cena fan but you can't call him wooden. He's one of the best performers in the WWE today. Hell he carried Khali to a good match. Plus he conveys emotion better then most. See his latest anger outbursts.
  8. but at least rock turned heel cena superman gimmick has been going for years now thats the main problem i dont hate cena the man i mean he busts his butt for the wwe but his persona is boring me to tears now go heel and we are on for some good tv. its about entertainment not money there in lies the problem these days that and no other competition
  9. I'm hoping Cena turns heel this mania', if it's going to happen it'll happen there. To be honest, even if he doesn't turn heel, it's not the end of the world. I think Cena could still be entertaining again if he was just given a brand new gimmick, or a massively edited gimmick. Something new.
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  10. ill admit the rock would have gotten stale with his babyface gimmick b4 the hollywood run however just because cena is the best of a bad bunch dosent make him great who does he have to compete with orton and now cm punk. who did rock have to compete with? wcw( monday night wars) guys hogan nwo etc and wwf kane taker jericho angle kane austin hhh all surefire legends in my view so ur only as good as your competition
  11. Compare the rosters. Turning Cena heel is a huge risk. You can't blame them for not risking it. There is a potential for a big return but it could back fire.
  12. i agree but they will make a tonne more money on him and generate intrest which leads to more viewers. then adults will buy the merch they will buy their kids it too and the viewership will rise leading to better ads so win win as far as im concerned
  13. It could happen that way however lets say you own the WWE. You've got stockholders to acknowledge who will require some input of any Cena heel turn as it will affect their investment. Plus you've had one of your most profitable years ever under Cena in 2010. Would you seriously risk a heel turn? It's got a big potential to fail.
  14. well id take a risk on it cos if it works ur stock increases and if it fails then you can turn him back but look at hogan one of the best heel turns in pro wrestling history and that legacy lives on today so really the wwe cant lose but yet they resist purely on money which is sad
  15. Hogan's heel turn was huge but it took another company to do it. Cena seems to be Vince's dream babyface which is why I'm doubting a heel turn. Plus with all the charity work John does aswell. He can't really do that as a heel and no one can really replace him. It's a very complex position.
  16. The Rock is a legend no matter what he does the fans would still love him, accept it he was born like this.
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  17. I take it you've never seen his run as Rocky Maivia? He got Die Rocky Die chants as a babyface. He wasn't born this way at all.
  18. good point forgot about the charity work if they dont remedy it soon though they will get to a point where cena will be so hated that even if/when he does it will be too late to recover

    technically wasnt the rock lmao
  19. Not true. They turned on him in the past... the only one who was immune to the fans turning on them was Stone Cold. Rock's heel turn was 100% successful, that's why I think Cena's could be. Punk's already shown he can out-sell Cena in merch. Book Punk well and further progress his merch selling, Cena can still make a LOT of money as a heel. People need to remember that.

    I agree though, outside of WWE John's a top requested star for the "make a wish foundation" The only way he could still do that really is if he stayed face but had a massive character change.
  20. :laugh: technically you're right. How about Summerslam 2002 vs Brock?