If The Shield powerbombed those kids...

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, May 1, 2013.

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  1. Would you have marked? Or would it have been too far?
  2. I think you know my thoughts on this :urm:
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  3. I'd probably say too far. It's okay to have kids involved in stories, like ECW did with Raven brainwashing the Sandman's ten year old son. But harming a kid on TV is likely a step too far in my book. They'd have every parental group on their asses in no time.
  4. I would have laughed pretty fucking hard.

    But yeah, I think it'd be too much. It'd basically be child abuse, lol.
  5. Anything to do with kids is too far. I've stated my thoughts on it before.
  6. Those kids were legitimately there for Make-a-Wish so having them go out and sell for the Shield would just be awful! They're there to meet Cena and show up on Raw, not get wiped out with a triple powerbomb...

    But if there was a safe way to do it and the kids would be okay, guess it could be a good idea to get a feud REALLY heated between Cena and the Shield, but you damn sure better believe Cena's going over on the PPV to celebrate in the ring with the kids! It's the only way to pay something like that off. SuperShield shouldn't job to SuperCena.
  7. I assume this is a joke thread since there's virtually no way a kid that small could possibly be harmed on-screen in a physical way that people would accept (especially on a PG show.) The only way they could is to be slapped but even that would never happen. But if The Shield or Ryback destroyed Cena IN FRONT of the children and then told the kids that they all need to "make a wish" for Cena, that would be great.
  8. Naw, I think it would have been cool though to triple power bomb Cena off of the stage in front of the kids.
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  9. Lmao I guess only R Albin and I would mark for this then. Watching The Eliminator get powerbombed would be dope.
  10. Hey fuck you *in your accent* I marked for this on Skype also.
  11. Personally would have loved it if one of those kids had ripped his Cena tee off revealing a CM Punk one. Would have marked.
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  12. Or a Ryback one, lmfao. :dawg:
  13. I would never want a child to be harmed for the sake of a storyline. There's plenty of other targets The Shield can go after to make a true impact as a strong heel group that doesn't involve harming a child.
  14. If they don't know how to bump they shouldn't be pretending to be wrestlers. Pussies. I would have marked hard.
  15. Or a Shield T-Shirt :mog:
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  16. Or a Chris Benoit shirt. :mog:
  17. ..... Yeah.... :hmm:
  18. :hmm:
  19. if there was a way to do using stunt doubles it could of worked not sure how though
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