If The Shield remain together after WM

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Mar 17, 2013.

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    What could WWE do with them? After this hype video made by our very own member I've changed my opinion from wanting them to disband at WM for Ambrose's singles run to wanting them to continue on dominating RAW. They're just so entertaining and different from the cliché segments.

    Hopefully they win clean and then grasp the summer storyline, and maybe attempt to take over the company? I don't know. With WWE's recent track record of copying TNA storyline's, it's highly possible.
  2. Like Aces&Eights u mean right?
    That video is a piece of art
    Well... I feel like they have anyone left to face .And I don't want them to face another WWE team or mid carders . We didn't want them to have any more members or a secret leader but that's necessary if "they wanna get the control of the business " three guys are not enough. Maybe bring some more NXT guys to do "their" job like kicking low faces such as cara Ryder etc.. Like if those three are the main guys and then there are co workers . You could even add Riley or Ryder .
    I don't want them to split but just imaging how could be a Shield breakup summer :fap:
    Guess we will have to wait
  3. Didn't you already start a thread on this?
  4. They better get better shirts then. :willis: :dawg:

    But nah, either way I'd be fine with it, I s'pose, but if they never disband, they might run out of things to do. I mean, they've already powerbomb'd and slandered Cena. The only thing I can really think of that would be more over than that is if they either attack another HOF/Legend, CM Punk or McMachon himself.

    Part of me wants to say stick together because I don't want any of them to get buried, but ya' never know, I guess.
  5. I'd be OK with them attacking Punk as the Summer story, say they attempt to help him take the streak after being hired by Heyman but Punk doesn't want it tainted, he wants the spotlight to be him beating Taker not what The Shield did.
  6. No. I have asked if people WANT them to stay together or not I think, but not what WWE do if they do remain together.
  7. They should invade TNA :jeritroll:
  8. Shield will win at Mania and then HHH will be like FUCK THE SHEILD *snarl*. IT'S TIME. FOR. THE GAME. *snarl*

    he then grabs his shovel and does what he does best.
  9. imagine if Reigns got to spear Triple H through a barrier like he did Kane and trips boy toy Sheamus. God I would mark.
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  10. Please. Reigns would be staring at the ceiling with Trips' sweaty old man pacs resting on him for the 1,2,3
  11. I think them imploding will be one of the main storylines for the summer. Ryback backing out from the Wrestlemania match (we presume, anyway) means they will likely win and then continue their dominance. From there on, there's interesting possibilities like the ones mentioned (like adding one or two other NXT members to the group, although that might be a risk because of the three we have seeming so perfect and there might be a risk in the balance of the group by adding new members) or them attacking CM Punk for whatever reason. Punk being the victim of one of their attacks would indeed be something, as it would show they play no favorites at all and will actually strike at someone they once aided.

    I personally see the beginning of their breakout being when they first get owned by various members of the WWE locker room. People start to strike back on The Shield in large numbers and take them out one by one. They put one member on the shelf (Rollins), and that leaves only two left to do the attacking over the next couple of weeks or so. Then another member goes down (Ambrose) and that leaves one guy left. I leave Roman Reigns last because he fits this last idea the best being the biggest of the group and stuff. Realizing he's all alone, he comes to the ring and screams into the mic for all who want any of him to come and get him (this would be similar to a person's final war cry when they realize their time is up and they want to go out in a blaze of glory) and then people run out to get Reigns. He fights them off but they eventually put him down and smash him through tables and stuff. It looks like a big victory for the WWE locker room and makes The Shield look strong because it shows the three of them together were so powerful that they had to be dealt with through gang attacks as well.

    From here on, the group (when it does return) has a bit of friction between them that might lead to their break up. As others predict, Rollins will likely be the breakout baby face of the group, and I can even see Ambrose and Reigns just being on their own (just the two of them) for awhile. Whatever happens afterwards though, I see various gang attacks on The Shield as being their ultimate karma.
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  12. That sounds real good. It's also a fair bit similar to how the NXT locker room got rid of Rollins when he turned heel and still was champ. He faced Big E in a match and when Ambrose and Reigns came down to get involved the entire locker room attacked them (heels and faces alike) and took them out of the arena to allow Big E to finish of Rollins in the ring.
  13. I'd enjoy it. Having a bigger spotlight during the winter on their breakup would be awesome.
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