If the stable idea happened, who would you have in your stable?

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  1. Punk/Heyman storyline is speculated to be the start of a stable. Who would you want in the stable and why?

  2. Dean Ambrose, Ted DiBiase, Wade Barret

    Imagine this:
    Dean; IC Champ
    Ted; US Champ
    Wade; WHC Champ
    Punk; WWE Champ


    This won't happen though, since Ted is face :emoji_slight_frown:
  3. Ted is boring, Wade and Dean need to be on their own imo.
  4. Mark Henry for muscle, Beth Phoenix for the female, Prime Time Players for the tag team, and Jack Swagger for the top midcard guy.
  5. nWo

  6. Heyman was an indie guy with ECW, fighting against the mainstream wrestling culture with a more cutting edge approach as was Punk, Ambrose fits into that ideology as he also doesn't fit the WWE mould, I'd love to see Cesaro in there also as another self-made man. The final example is an odd one but Cody Rhodes, bring up the history with Dusty and Dustin especially the poor gimmicks they were given and the success they achieved elsewhere, Cody shows disgust about how they treated his family in the past and now by giving him little exposure, they're doing the same to him.

    The model would eventually be (after a 6 month period) :

    Punk - WWE Champ
    Rhodes - WHC
    Ambrose - IC
    Cesaro - US
  7. Not bad, but I would add Natalya in. How her Uncle Bret got screwed and now she's out to destroy the "chosen Divas" as payback or something. I would also use the stable to bring in The Ascension from NXT.


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  8. Heyman and Punk? Hmmm...

    Well Lesnar is in there automatically somehow.

    Antonio Cesaro
    Daniel Bryan somehow (Cannot imagine how)
    Matt Morgan/ Big Show?

    That's about it.

    Than Cena/HHH gathers his minions to take them on at Survivor Series.
  9. Punk- WWE Title
    Ohno/Cesaro- Tag title
    Brock Lesnar - World Title

    Sorta the Evolution type lineup, but better obviously.
  10. Tensai and Ryback should join because they're disrespected by the Albert and Goldberg chants lol
  11. Actually lol'd at that :yay:
  12. I don't like the idea of people like Ambrose, Barrett and Henry being in it. The group would already have two big voices in Punk and Heyman and having any other great talkers in there would just be a waste IMO.

    A year ago Bryan would've been absolutely perfect. The problem with him just now is that his comedy character would just lose the stable credibility as much as it pains me to say it.

    Ideally it would need people from indie backgrounds who have peculiar look/something different about them. And for this reason I think Chris Hero should be the fourth member. I think he would work unbelievably well with the aforementioned three. It would pretty much guarantee him getting over with the crowd as well. Just fits perfectly well and right there is your opportunity to add in Cesaro if you fancy; reunite KoW to take over the midcard division/Revamp the tag team titles as they will get much more exposure and people will care about them.


    Would be mine.
  13. Some sort of unappreciated and overlooked sort of group with the likes of Punk, Hero, Cesaro, Bryan. Won't happen probably, but still would be awesome. I think if they ever want to change Bryan, that would be perfect from what they've given him recently.
  14. Surprise appearance by Drew Mac
  15. Anything to add towards this discussion...
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