If the streak had to end who should have done it...

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  1. We'll avoid fantasy booking here and stick to the matches that actually happened so if the streak had to end at some point who would you have chosen to end it. The options are Jimmy Snuka, Jake Roberts, Giant Gonzales, King Kong Bundy, Diesel, Psycho Sid, Kane, The Big Bossman, HHH, The Big Show and A-Train, Randy Orton, Mark Henry, Batista, Edge or HBK.

    Chose the opponent to end it and which event due to multiple challenges.
  2. Mark Henry obv
  3. I would love to see edge end the streak
  4. HBK. Not the first time, but the second time. The second one was HBK's career ending match. If HBK had won, it would've been 1-1 for both superstars.
  5. Orton should have ended it.

    Plus I'm sure I read somewhere once that Taker wanted Orton to go over him but Orton declined as he didn't want to end what is the legendary streak!

    If Triple HHH ends it I'll probs smash my TV.
  6. HHH ofcourse :otunga:
    But HBK would probably be better.
    I'm going to say HBK.


  8. Two words for ya.

    DONT HATE!!:bury:
  9. LOL i know just never want to see Triple HHH go over Taker or imagine him ending the streak. Sad thing is I see it happening at WM.
  10. I hate seeing HHH go over anyone.

    #ComeAtMeJose :boss:

  12. For the second time:
  13. Snuka, it would have been less emotionally damaging and impactful if it ended early.
  14. Don't worry, he said HBK, not HHH.
  15. Indeed. Read the full thing, dude!

  16. Yes but you said Triple HHH then decided HBK implying you still think maybe he should have.
  17. You'll never know.. :troll:

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