If the WWE can make a Black Panther-like stable(Nation of Domination) and...

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Aztecwarrior480, Sep 16, 2014.

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  1. an Arabic Muslim terrorist stable(Muhammad Hassan and Daiviari), I wonder if the WWE would ever had the guts to make a Neo Nazi stable?

    Now let's imagine that the WWE has finally returned to it's Attitude Era or Ruthless Aggression-style of entertainment and went back to PG-14. I can simply imagine all of the incredible amount of heat that a wrestling stable like this would receive. I seriously doubt the WWE would ever do this in any of our life time due to the fear of political correctness and facing possible lawsuits for "Nazism" and "White Supremacy".

    What do you guys think? Do you guys think a stable like this is a horrendous idea and would greatly harm the WWE's reputation or would it bring a great amount of crowds so they can finally see someone they would LOVE to hate like they did with Muhammad Hassan and Daivari?
  2. This would 100% never happen in the world we live in today. I think it'd be considered too much for even the Attitude Era. The Nation of Domination might have talked about black power and all, but seeing a Neo-Nazi stable (possibly complete with swastika tattoos across their chests or whatever) would be too much for most people. There once was a biker-gang type of stable in the AE called The Disciples of Apocalypse, and while they never said they were white supremacists, they did strongly hint at it, what with two-thirds of the group being skinheads and with their primary feuds being with racial groups like The Nation of Domination (all-black gang) and the Los Buricuas (all-Hispanic gang.) That's the closest you're likely ever getting to it. A writer even proposed to Vince back in 2004 about doing a Neo-Nazi character and it's said that even McMahon was so shocked by the idea that he got up and left the room.

    It's fun to imagine an alternate universe though where there were no limits or restrictions (or only a few of them) and wrestlers were allowed to say and do whatever they wanted (basically an R-rated movie type of programming, where all type of cursing and nudity is allowed) because an Edward Norton-type of character like from the movie American History X would be an excellent heat magnet, but it just isn't feasible in the real world. Many would be turned off and never watch again, and some would likely jump the barrier and try to harm the person for real.
  3. There's a fine line between political incorrectness and just straight up offensive. This is just not ok at any level. Also reasons stables like Hassan and Davari worked was because of how the people were feeling at the time. 9/11 had only happened 3-4 years ago when the two formed so people were still riled up about it so WWE capitalised on the opportunity to create a stable that could generate good heat. The idea of WWE creating a Nazi stable would give them press but not the press they want.
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  4. Isn't Nazism illegal (really not sure on this)? Anyway, don't think this would look good in any sort of product, PG or TV-14, tbh. Granted I personally wouldn't be offended, but the problem is that sometimes you go way overboard and you get bad heat, which is not even good. It's not like people love to hate this Nazi group, they just feel uncomfortable watching it, you know. Don't think it would be good for business (no pun intended).
  5. I would love it.....but in the current bs PG era...that will never happen.
  6. In a PC world we live in today? lol Yeah right.
  7. They definitely couldn't make a neo-nazi character, they'd get banned in Germany and prolly other countries too. But a white supremacist/racist character could work imo.
  8. I don't want to see Nazis in my WWE programming, let alone other offensive gimmicks. Would just make WWE look bad, heck I enjoyed Swagger and Colter's Real American schtick when they were heels but that's really as far as I want for them to go.
  9. On that note, has there been an inter-racial couple in the WWE?
  10. I actually have heard once back in 2004, that Heidenreich was originally gonna be a Nazi as his gimmick in the WWE but instead become a psychopath who reads creepy poems as his gimmick.
  11. Marc Mero and Jacqueline
    Mark Henry and Mae Young
    AJ and Cena/Bryan/Dolph
  12. This just screams cheap heat if they had a long term goal I'd be down for it however.
  13. I don't think this kind of thing would have been socially acceptable in many eras, let's not pretend we've softened up recently on the old Nazi chestnut.
  14. Also wouldn't an Islamic extremist gimmick be more "with the times" for lack of a better word?
  15. The last time that happened SmackDown was almost taken off UPN and a worker lost their job. And it was all just a coincidence, imagine if it was actually based off of an extremist group.
  16. Yeah I know although wasn't he moved to Raw for a year? I can't remember if he was fired immediately or not. Also you really think a Nazi gimmick would work out? Finally that was also down to the unfortunate situation with the London bombings and the masked man segment which took place not just the gimmick.
  17. He was on RAW then sent to SmackDown the whole thing happened and he was taken off TV and he was let go months later. With terror attacks a lot more frequent nowadays it can even be worse. About the Nazi thing, it depends on whether or not Triple H's friend Mark, is a jew or not. :pity2:
  18. I'll pretend as much as I please, thank you very much.
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    Yeah, if such a stable were ever possible in the WWE/F, I can defiinately imagine the writers creating a story angle between the fictional Neo Nazi stable and Stone Cold Steve Austin where the leader of the stable constantly attemps to persuade Stone Cold into joining their wrestling stable since Austin would fit the "perfert Aryan man" standards(especially since he's a bald White man from Texas) yet Austin constantly rejects their offer and then Stone Cold Stuns the leader of the stable.

    Then again, an angle like this could have possibly harmed Stone Cold's reputation and star power as a WWE wrestler due to an extremely controversial issue like racism.
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