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    make the first ever Women's Elimination Chamber match, would you ever sit back and watch a match like that depending on which female wrestlers/Divas are in the match?

    If wrestling matches like this were to ever happen, I'd say the ONLY 6 best Diva candidates(from any era, NOT today's era) that would be good for a match like this are Lita, Trish Stratus, Beth Phoenix, Chyna, Sable and either Jacqueline or maybe Stephanie McMahon(for the last Diva entrant of the Elimination Chamber to do the typical heel/villain tactics by being last and not doing much in the match, kinda like what Triple H did with Goldberg back in SummerSlam 2003). The rest I double would have that kind of resistance of handling matches like this.
  2. That will never happen. Ever.
  3. I know that. The WWE hardly ever likes to give that kind of spotlight to women wrestlers(especially nowadays) but I'm just asking this as strictly a hypothetical/fantasy question if the WWE were to ever allow such idea. The only wrestling promotion outside of the WWE that I can think of that would certainly ever allow such extreme matches for women to ever happen is TNA.
  4. No one would cross the line that far, plus I'm pretty sure the only female wrestler who'd probably do this is either Candace LeRae or Manami Toyota.
  5. I'm pretty sure there are plenty of other female wrestlers that we may not know of that would want to try out elimination chamber matches but the majority of wrestling promotions would never allow it, unless it's TNA. The WWE just likes to make today's Divas as a bunch of thin fragile wrestlers who can only wrestle for 2 minutes. Back then, the closest thing ever to a female elimination chamber match in the WWE is Lita vs Victoria in a Steel Cage match and even that rarely ever happens in the TV-14 eras.
  6. Not even trying to stereotype here, but I'm pretty sure most women don't want to do balls to the walls hardcore matches like that.
  7. Most female wrestlers, especially todays, wouldn't probably ever desire or have the ruggedness to do it but I'm pretty sure a rare one but very hardcore diva like Lita would try out some very extreme and hardcore matches like that and maybe some of the strong and powerful divas like Beth Phoenix, Chyna and Kharma would try it out as well.
  8. Beth is done wrestling, Kharma said she wants to remain as a WWE Alumni.
  9. But let's talk as if they're still all wrestling in their peaks. Yes, we know that this question is very unrealistic but just bear with me and look at this as a hypothetical question about the Divas and possible but very unlikely extreme matches like that.
  10. That was then, this is now.
  11. This is even funnier than the people who think they should book AJ and Paige in a HIAC match for the upcoming PPV.

    My answer is NO, I wouldn't bother watching this match or any other match that wasted the chamber on a bunch of Divas. I generally find the Elimination Chamber to be one of the most boring match gimmicks that's out there and I can't even be arsed watching two minute Diva matches on television, so combining the two is a guaranteed snooze-fest for me.

    I can't imagine how funny it would look seeing Divas in each of the chamber pods waiting to get out lol. It would look so out of place and not fit in with the whole image of brutality and barbarity that a chamber match is supposed to represent at all.
  12. But this question isn't about now. Again, a hypothetical question.
  13. Still, wouldn't happen ever.
  14. Lol. Yeah, I know what you mean. Let's make the whole chains of the Elimination Chamber color Pink to make it more fitting for the divas and add a little flowers to the background to make it more fitting for them. LOOOOL!!!
  15. Average male wrestling fan would not be invested by this and most of the females would not not take those bumps does not matter if they are eye candy or actual legit wrestlers. Also divas matches are short affairs and this would be a waste of this gimmick.
  16. Half the divas don't know how to take bumps in a regular match, what makes you think the Elimination Chamber would do them any justice.
  17. most proper wrestling fans dont like cosplay and big bang theory, yet a large chuck of wrestling viewers do.
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