If The WWE used Cruiserweights...

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    They already use a modified united states title, you might as well swing for the fences and use another title from your greatest rival. Let's face it, even I can admit wcw will never come back but they can be "used" for the greater good. Bring back the CW title, put all the 'little dudes' in the division and they'd sell like hot cakes... lucha dragons are disgrace unless they are put in a position of interest. Simplest idea is to re-create the wow factor of the division wcw had, they were highlights of nitro back in the day, the crowds were insanity and even Goldberg "wanted to see" the cruiserweights. This division would really give the wwe some credibility. I think sting would agree. Not to mention because the product is so lacking its a division that would send major waves through the company, amazing matches, amazing competition and world wide expansion. I realize they don't want it but they should consider it... just cause of the response from the crowd... what do you guys think?

    ...................Oh I hate NXT--that's another story.
  2. Only problem is, not many 'little guys' are still around. Neville, Kalisto, Sin Cara and Daniel Bryan are the ones that come to my mind. Plus, a Cruiserweight division would work if RAW was a structured wrestling show like Nitro (at least in it's early days). Nitro used them to warm up the crowd. SmackDown used them to warm up Velocity. WWE could never use a division that's really just a 'time-slot' specific division properly.
  3. A cruiserweight division would be great if you ran a title that brought people from NXT up and back for various matches. I personally love cruiserweight entirely, Lionheart Jericho was and is my favorite wrestler. His WCW shit with Kidman and a few others really made me a fan entirely.

    It'd have to be a temporary thing, a gimmick given by the authority as a punishment for a great wrestler (ala bryan) to have as a "gift."
  4. BTW, have no fucking clue what the hell I was talking about.
  5. We've become so accustomed to seeing smaller-sized talent wrestle the bigger men (Daniel Bryan and Rey Mysterio are former world champions for goodness sake, and Bryan even headlined a Wrestlemania) that I don't think an entire division dedicated to the cruiserweights again would really be necessary.

    Besides, WWE would likely grow bored of the concept and get rid of it again sooner than later anyway. They lost so much interest in it back in the day that they eventually put the Cruiserweight Championship on a woman (Jacqueline), a senior citizen (Chavo Guerrero, Sr.), and a midget (Hornswoggle) at separate points.
  6. A cruiserweight division would only work if equal amount of purpose and focus what put into it as it was in the heavyweights, which would not happen since Vince McMahon has zero interest in it and Triple H prefers to let everyone compete under the same banner.

    Plus, majority of the talent now are light heavyweights either way. Majority of big men go into other sports like MMA rather than wrestling, so smaller guys "graduating" to the big leagues is so much more easy than it was in the era of Hogan.
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  7. Exactly.

    Also back in the day of the WCW Cruiserweight Championship and the most pre AE time, you really had to be a big guy to get to compete. Honestly, it wasn't ALWAYS like that, but the WWF's expansion in the 1980s kind of made that happen.

    In the infamous Nitro scene where Kevin Nash threw Rey Mysterio like a lawn dart into the trailer, part of the heat garnered was due to a big guy like Nash picking on a small guy like Mysterio, who couldn't possibly defend himself against such a bigger guy. But nowadays most people don't look at a light heavyweight or smaller and automatically assume they can't beat a big man.

    A cruiserweight title, in my opinion, would actually be detrimental to the smaller guys because they would be relegated back to the division and taken out of the heavyweight picture.
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  8. If you want WWE to focus on high flyers, debut something along the lines of TNA's X division belt. Which had no weight limit but rather focused on talents that could work that style.
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  9. It's not happening and I'm fine with it.
  10. Okay, I love this quote because anybody that saw that show as it happened will understand how synonymous those words are with those two cats.
    Sure, the NWO invaded but you could never say "Nash tossed Mysterio into the trailer...". You could also never say, "Nash flung Mysterio into the trailer..."

    You did that quote justice. I'm crying right now because truly did ' throw Mysterio into the trailer like a lawn dart...' These are tears of joy right now.
    Starrcade '97 meant nothing to me. Hogan turning heel meant zilch. Nash tossing Rey into the trailer like a lawn dart was the absolute apex of the entire NWO angle and it isn't even close.
    I could watch that clip 47,000 times and it would be like a still saw it live. I'm still not sick of it. Thank you, buddy, thank you for the memories.
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