If there was no law against hitting women, would you hit a women?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by CM Punk, Jun 16, 2014.

  1. What the title says.

  2. Idk, but I thought I'd post this Bill Burr clip.

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  3. this seems more retarded than controversial
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  4. If she had a knife/gun/ anything scary, I wouldn't hesitate to knock a woman out. Now, if it's just because she hurts my feels, I never would.
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  5. I'd hit a woman if she was trying to kill/injure me whether it's legal or not. Life >> laws
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  6. I wouldn't hit a woman just on general principle. But I've always found humor in those who think women should never under any circumstances (except for maybe when your life is being threatened) be physically assaulted. Not that I advocate violence against women or against anyone for that matter, but if one were to hit me or physically assault me in any other type of way, I would feel compelled to hit them back (the same as I would do with any man), and I wouldn't feel the least bit guilty about it... especially since striking someone back immediately after they've struck you is purely instinctive. To me, you're completely justified in hitting pretty much anyone (who is at least a teenager or a fully-grown adult) who throws the first punch. A pregnant woman would get off just because she's carrying a child, but she should also remember that she's not gonna be pregnant forever. :dawg:

    At least a lot of women like Whoopi Goldberg see how it is (she shares my exact position.)
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  7. I don't know how a dude can be okay with himself hitting a woman, regardless of laws. Like I can understand hitting one if she came at you with a weapon but because of a disagreement or something you would hit another dude over, like name calling... It is a bit much. My mother was physically abused by her first husband. I grew up with my own brother beating the crap out of me. Needless to say, abuse by men toward women don't sit right with me. If a guy ever hit me, he better knock me out cause I would not hesitate to neuter the sob with a kitchen knife.
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  8. lol you can do this already. Self defense is not illegal
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  9. I'd hit Brita with her own cat just for a cheap laugh.

    You don't need to have law's to have a decent upbringing, buddy. It's the best vs on religion and the idiot's who say without religion the world would fall apart. Good, sensible people breed good, sensible people. Although I'm probably a little further from the tree than the rest of my family, you don't abuse the fairer sex. It'd be like hitting a guy who weighs 115lbs trying to fight you, if there is no reason to defend yourself with fighting, use the more sensible approach.

    Although I would punt TGMI in the balls to hear him rant for 4 minutes, I do think it would give me cheap laughs for days. Lad Pudding and Orton would be the main point to it, I assume. I would have to wash my foot after something fierce.
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  10. I slap my bitches everyday and anyday. I go around pimp slapping, men, women, children, seniors(sorry Senhor), whites, blacks, legal, illegal, fat or skinny. Feels good when the back of your hand touches someone's face.
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  11. It would have to be some extreme ass measures.. 1) She came at me with a knife, 2) She was ENORMOUS and looked like she could whoop my ass and started to get aggressive with me. or 3) If she paid me money to hit her.
  12. only if she hit me first

    sod the law in this situation, women hits me, i hit back
    You would not want to start with me lad

    Bigger built and 6ft 4
  13. Vagiant i'd World Cup you in the balls any day of the week.
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  14. Yeah, I'd hit aids.
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  15. No. I was raised in a way where hitting a woman is completely unacceptable. There are of course exceptions where specific situations would force me to kick their candy ass.
  16. work on your material lad
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  17. Unless I was being physically attacked myself or there was a situation that required it (a woman repeatedly striking a small child for example) I would avoid getting violently physical/fight a woman. Or if it was in say a boxing ring/martial arts dojo. I wrestled a lot of girls as a kid doing judo.
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