If there's a new stable coming, Ambrose will be in it.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Sep 9, 2012.

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  1. Is it a safe bet to say that? Ambrose seems like the type of guy who would be in Heyman's stable, plus, I just found this report (from June):


    The image:

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    This is just a discussion thread and not me calling anything really, I do think he'll likely debut this way though. It has its positives and negatives, but overall I'd be happy if he was in the stable. That's if there's even going to be one.
  2. I like idea he could be like the Orton of Evolution, I don't know... We'll have to wait and see whenever he debuts on TV.
  3. :yes:
    I have a feeling Barrett will be involved as well after what we saw on Friday.
  4. Ambrose's not debuting. :haha:
  5. FUUUUUCCKKKKKIIINNNGGGG YASSSS!!! Heyman, Punk and Ambrose OMG :fap:
  6. It could be possible if Heyman and CM Punk start a stable. He would be a great addition, and a good way to kick off his WWE career.

  7. Could be a good person to feud with The Miz.
  8. Heyman. Punk, Barrett & Ambrose would be one fucking awesome stable.
  9. Didn't I suggest this and you were like you suck...

    edit: wait no nevermind its because i suggested dibiase
  10. :hmm: What if they plan to bring Morgan back with this stable too. Him and Heyman have some history, so it could work perfectly, and he could be the tag team guy for Barrett or Ambrose since they're most likely going to get the tag team championships and a midcard championship(or both) and they could be an actual force.
  11. ^My thoughts too on other Crayo thread.
  12. Heyman punk horneswaggle kellykelly and Ric flair.
  14. I agree, with the addition of a big man, that's a complete stable.
  15. Matt Morgan in this stable could be great too, as the enforcer. Hmm, so much potential. Probably won't even be a stable now though.
  16. It's Paul Heyman :boss1: Anything is possible
  17. Quite optimistic now you've mentioned Heyman and Morgan's past, I completely forgot about that.
  18. I know right, we could be reading into it too much. lol
  19. Team Lesner :hmm: Maybe something for Survivor Series too... CM Punk goes into another match, and Lesner becomes leader and it becomes Team Lesner vs Team HHH, only thing I wont like is that since it's so far away, I see Hunter's team winning...
  20. There are lots of entertaining possibilites for this stable...

    There will be no stable, I think.
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