If they do go down the direction of Cena/Rock part 2

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jan 27, 2013.

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  1. Would you want to see it again? If not, what would you do to improve the feud?
  2. Not to keen to see it again but I will take it if it is thrown at me.

    A logical way to improve it would be to have more clear cut roles, a heel and a babyface. But considering who the two are that won't happen.
  3. I always see people go on about that ideology of a bad guy and good guy, but as Vince himself said when he launched the AE, it's not necessary. Sometimes having two good guys go against each other can be fantastic, but they lack the creativity to book it imo.
  4. Hmm it's gonna be kind of a respect feud ... So I guess I'd watch cuz I didn't watch the first match .. So yeah if it's booked well if watch it ..
  5. My initial thought is no... I wouldn't be interested, but for the most part the first one was decent, it just didn't live up to the year long hype fest in my opinion.

    Making it more interesting... The obvious answer is the typical "turn Cena heel" idea but I'll go with a different idea just to say something new, turn rock heel! For those of you who say it'll never happen, its about as probably as the Cena turn.

    I understand that Rocky's whole bit right now is about the people, and that's part of the draw, but what if he went from the peoples champ to the.... I don't know, the peoples champ who hates kids.

    Scenario: Cena wins big match, celebrates with some kids wearing his shirts. Rock comes out, throws Cena out and rock bottoms a spot kid wearing a Cena shirt. Major kiddie heat. Grown men will still root for him, Cena haters will still root for him (i know those two are the same group) women and children will still root for Cena (some women will still even root for rock) and you have more of a story. Don't know if that would work, just snowballing an idea.

    Or you can always say screw it and turn Cena.

    Or go back to Hollywood rock...

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  6. No, I don't want to see it. Something that could improve it is avoiding this feud completely, Rock doing some cardio so he can go for more than 5 minutes at WM this time, or maybe interesting booking could make it a bit more bearable.
  7. The match was so average the first time around (even more so than expected) and I don't see anything new they could offer in their promos from last year, so I don't want to see it. But I'm a lot less smarkish than I used to be when it comes to things like this and I can see why they would do it, so I don't mind that much if they go with it. Just make it for the WWE Title, that way their rematch will have something that will differ it from their original encounter.

    I don't think a rematch will do as well in the buyrate as last year, I do think it being "once in a lifetime" had a lot to do with how much people were interested in it. There was a feeling of specialness to see them in the ring together and to see what the outcome of the match would be. Where's the excitement in Rock beating Cena again? Or Cena beating Rock after he's already lost once? If the WWE just want to draw as much money as possible (they are a business afterall), I'd go with Rock and Brock, because Brock means more to the mainstream than Cena does. But that would fuck up some of the rest of the card, like Punk/Undertaker and leaving Cena out to dry, or Cena/Undertaker (Cena needs more momentum before taking on the streak, especially since this match happening would mean Cena losing the Rumble, which is a shitty start to his 2013 career) and leaving Punk out to dry.
  8. I don't want to watch that again, it was a good match last year, but not even close to being "the greatest match of all time" that they hyped it to be, and I don't expect anything better from them this year.

    Plus, it will be too predictable as it's clear that Cena will be walking out as the winner, and we will have another lame Cena title reign that many superstars deserve it a lot more than he does.

    I would definitely prefer having a rematch between Rock and Punk at WM than having the "Twice in a lifetime" match.

    What can they do to improve the feud? Turning Cena heel, but knowing WWE, there is not a chance in hell that they will do it.
  9. Is this a trick question. If this feud does happen then Cena will not only win, but he'll have another title reign. Not only that but WWE also robbed WWE fans by hyping the last match up as "Once in a lifetime." Only a moron would be happy to see this match.
  10. If yesterday Cena would won Rumble with the help of the Shield it would be awesome. Finally Cena would be heel and he would be heel against Rock at Mania but since this didnt happened it's just a dream. Rock vs Cena II would be bad but if they add Punk in the equation, this will make it good. But still predictable, Cena will win.
  11. How can you build to it? There's the "Cena wants redemption" angle, which is lame since Cena hasn't been booked well enough to do that. There's the "You want belt, come get belt" but we see that so often and this should be something special. The only way to do it imo is to turn Cena heel, but that won't happen obviously.

    Just face it, this isn't for us... but we can hold out hope for them throwing Punk in, making it a triple threat, and having Punk stand tall over John Cena and the freaking Rock in a five-star match (since Rocky doesn't have to do much) in the main event of Wrestlemania.
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