IF they unify the belts, should we get a cruiserweight belt back?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Cloud, Dec 7, 2013.

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  1. As title says what do you think?
  2. Nah. I think the way the title situation would be after the unification - one world title, two midcard singles titles, tag team titles, women's title - is the perfect balance. You'd have your championship for the main eventers to fight over, you'd have two belts for the midcard (which makes up the bulk of the roster) to compete over, and then you'd have a title exclusive for tag teams and a title exclusive for the Divas.

    IMO, having four titles minimum and five titles maximum is the perfect set number of championships to have for the roster at any time. It's why before this unification was to take place, I was calling for the US Title to be unified with the IC Title and be done away with, but now that the WHC is on the way out, there's no need.
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  3. Plus the cruiserweight belt restricts talents smaller than a certain size. Guys like Punk and Bryan would have been relegated to that scene unless they were special. Had Guerrerro or Benoit not been who they were they would have never gone above the Cruiserweight scene.
  4. I don't think it matters whether or not they unify the belts, would love to see it back. A cruiserweight division would kick ass. Would rather them all be stuck in a Cruiserweight division than bumping their heads against the ceilings of midcard/superstars hell.

    Didn't see the old WCW Cruiserweight division, can someone fill me in to how that it was so limiting/damaging to the wrestlers?
  5. nah. get rid if the US Belt, don't add more.

    Tag team

    that's all you need
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  6. Keep the Divas belt, get rid of the IC.

    +1 for getting rid of the US and just to click buttons
  7. your nuts divas over IC. your nuts man.
  8. I mean lets face it, less is more when it comes to championships. This is one area they should not water down. If you see 8 different dudes on a roster with a belt it doesn't even seem like it matters. If you have the WWE champ, he is the best. The IC Champ is recognized as the #2 dude in the company. And your tag champs are kings of the tag division.

    more belts than that only diminishes the rest of them.

    I want to go back to it meaning something when a dude has a championship. not, oh well, I guess its his turn in this shitty mid card rotation for this mid card belt.
  9. Kinda love the idea, but I'd prefer the US title to be changed for the Euro title by Cesaro.
  10. Exactly. The Divas' belt is fine since they exist in their own universe. So the fewer belts, the better.

    How do you explain to a fan what the IC title means? "Oh, he's the best of the guys not good enough to be in the main event"?
  11. Total Divas division needs to gtfo and we both know it.

    How do I explain two chicks wrestling? Oh, well, they... idk, they think they are athletic or something and this guy names Vince wants to fuck the blonde so he gives her air time...

    If you only reason for not having the IC strap is because you don't know how to explain it to 'fans' (what fans don't know the history of the IC belt??) than yea, not a concern of mine.
  12. We can argue about this another day, just a difference of opinion. Later guys
  13. I just find it fascinating you are quick to toss the IC title aside with all of its history and you are down to keep the most pointless belt in the history of the world around.

    You do know Vince created the divas division just because he wanted to fuck Sable, no? I don't think we are much further from that at this point in time. The division had its highs and lows, a couple of great performers who were exceptions not the rule, but all in all it is a massive joke and everyone sees it.
  14. It should be:
    WWE Title

    As for the whole Divas-Vince fucking thing, they need a womens division with a title. Get an Instagram or Twitter and look on comments on divas pages. These 10-14 year old girls worship the Total Divas, and don't forget all the creepy fucker that love AJ. And that's not to mention how bad of PR move it'd be for them to just axe the divas title. "Fox News here, WWE is sexist"

    They need the division. Besides, it's useful for everyone else because divas = piss break
  15. I don't look at the belt as a "belt with rich history" like you do, all I see is "the belt that means you're the best of the wrestlers not good enough to be in the main event". You'll argue that they could just treat the belt right, they can restart the "rising up the ranks" concept they should be doing. I just don't think they will. As you say, don't see why they bother with a Divas' division anymore. They won't scratch that either, so better to have that belt around. (plus with everyone drooling/raging over AJ that's 1 person more over than the entire mid-card right now)
  16. AJ is over? outside of with 15 year old boys on the Internet? I've never noticed.

    And if there were only 2 belts what choice would WWE have but to book the IC title like they did when it was meaningful?

    I hate to pull rank but I think there is a genuine possibility that you view the IC belt like you do strictly because of when you started watching wrestling. Since 2009 the belt has been absolute shit and if that was all I had seen of it I may not think it is salvageable either. Not to say you are ignorant to the history of the IC belt by any stretch.
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  17. Personally i dont see a cruiserweight belt watering down the top tier as since WWE is the big man obsessed they have plenty for those guys to do. I just see it as a way to break up some of the top feuds instead of with shitty comedic skits that are piss poor you could have a cruiserweight division of guys like Gabriel who will never hold the big one. For me its on a wrestling basis as it'd mean more wrestling and as stated less comedic crap thats not funny even to a child.
  18. I would rather see a guy like Gabriel put into a feud with a storyline and give me a reason to care.

    A cruiserweight belt is just another excuse for WWE to not book feuds properly and just book superstar X has belt superstar Y want belt lettuce wrasssle now!
  19. I get your point as WWE cant book anything at the min. I agree but only if as you mention feuds would be involved. Ho hum I doubt it I'll keep dreaming.
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