If they want to make Bryan a star...

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jul 30, 2013.

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  1. They should have had him lay out Vince McMahon. I know it's not his character, but when someone is openly disrespecting you like that, and when it's someone so high-profile, all the crowd want to see is get Vince laid out. Since it's such a rare occurrence now, I think it would have went down wonderfully.

    Anyway, what did you think of the opener? I like the fact Vince is involved and it's playing into the McMahon family feud.
  2. I see more Vince against Foley than I see Vince against Austin right now when looking at Vince against Bryan personally. And even then it took Austin a while to lash out at Vince, there was quite some build up to that first stunner.
  3. I'm not too keen on having Daniel Bryan lay out Vince Mc. McMahon, but I'm glad that Vince is playing a huge part in this feud and it's entertaining.
  4. OH HELL NO!!!

    Imagine what the Bryan marks would say then :ohgod:
  5. Cena needs a surprise turn here. Keeps his same act then surprises Bryan with an AA and turns.

  6. That wouldn't work, Cena would have to kill a guy to turn heel.
  7. DB will whoop Vince eventually I think.
  8. This. Just like Foley and Austin before him. Vince will push and push and push at Bryan until he eventually snaps. The longer they keep it up the better the payoff will/should be.
  9. It was not the time. This feud will go should long, if they stick to having Cena/DB going along with the McMahon storyline DB will end up laying out Vince. Had they made DB beat McMahon up last night then the story would change too much too quickly.
  10. The day of SummerSlam or the RAW after SummerSlam would be the best two times to attack Vince imo.
  11. It should take longer if you ask me. In my mind if Daniel does win the belt, Vince should try playing ball with him. but trying to force Bryan into being "his type" of champ. This could go on for a couple of weeks until Bryan snaps on Vince and verbally and possibly physically tears him down. Cue Orton cash in, Orton cheap shots Bryan for the belt and Vince sides with Orton.

    ...Or something like that.
  12. That could work,there are quite a few ways this could pan out and that's what is so good about the storyline atm.
  13. As already mentioned, you're just rushing the angle and the big moment of Bryan laying out Vince later on if you do it now. During their very first face to face encounter.

    I didn't even see Vince as 'disrespecting' Bryan, but just trying to further motivate him by telling him that people of his size and stature generally have less of a chance of making it to the level of super stardom in WWE, that he doesn't think he can defeat John Cena, that he doesn't think he can even defeat Kane, his former tag team partner who Bryan just previously was believing was the superior of the two and that he was the 'weak link.' By telling him that Cena doesn't respect him either, that'll only crank up the tension between them and make them come at each other with their best.

    There is still the feeling I have that Vince might screw him in the end, though. When he said he wanted Cena and Bryan to spontaneously combust and have neither of them walk out as WWE Champion, I took it as a clue that Randy Orton will be cashing in and walking out as champ, much to Vince's delight (strange considering he once punt kicked Vince and went after his whole family, but that's the bizzaro world of wrestling for ya.)
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  14. Beating up Vince McMahon is absolutely something you build up to.
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  15. What? No. He wont fuck up vince until close to WM. This is the build to his huge move, he isnt going to play his best card before he gets the belt.

    I see him being the main card in the vince/hhh deal. HHH will pick bryan as his champ, and the people will get behind him. Vince will eat a submission at WM, im betting on it.
  16. I think it can be a good idea to make that. No one would expect a wrestler would attack his own boss, but I think the McMahon family has too much time now and in my opinion it's a bit boring. Probably the only interesting member of the McMahon family right now it's Vince...
  17. i knew youd come to my aid. Thanks beautiful.
  18. Lay him out or join him. Those are two good options. Both will put him over as a huge heel or a huge face.

    People are so in love with him right now that they might actually be pissed off if he joins VINNY MAC! I mean, it's hard to imagine.
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