If this happened in 2010...

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  1. Taimapedia gave me complete history on TNA's fuck ups, which they got a lot, one of them was THIS:

    Fuck! Think about it for a minute, if Dixie wasn't McMahon 2.0 and actually decided to bring in Heyman and go through with his plan, how would that affect TNA? In my opinion that would really put TNA on the map, Heyman would make a shit ton of new rising stars and make the promotional totally original. Also if this happened in 2010 think how much WWE would be affected by this, Paul could've took Bryan after he was fired for the tie incident, made him a mega star, he would've kept Kurt and made a dream rivalry. This would've made a second wrestling war for number one show. Instead Dixie refused because "they are well respected veterans" (and fame whores) and TNA is a sinking ship while Paul just laughs at her.
  2. Oh well. TNA is a good pass time. I'd rather not listen to their highly publicized failures.
  3. Heyman and Bryan on TNA... Stop, my dick can only get so erect.

    But if that happened and we never got the YESMovement... :ambrose:
  4. And that would make 2013 and 2014 sooo much better.
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  5. I fail to see which wrestler who at the time could be anywhere near as over or interesting in the WWE
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  6. Well he was over, but I found 0 points of interest in him.
  7. Although TNA did have a good run there in 12-13, yes, this probably would've avoided they fell into the hole they're into and would avoid russo-rific '14 also.
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