If this site absolutely blew up...

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Crayo, May 31, 2013.

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  1. Would you like it or hate it? By blew up I mean we had like 400+ members online at a time, and tens of thousands of posts per day.
  2. Tbh I personally wouldn't like it. I know it's good for you and whatnot, but I like the smaller/closely knit group of active members we have on here now. When all of the MP guys came in at once I actually stayed away for a bit as it was too much to take in. I like to keep abreast (hehe) of all the threads and that would be almost impossible if the site grew to that size.
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  3. I wouldn't be completely in favour of it either, surprisingly. For the same reasons as you. Of course there is plus sides to it though, mostly administrative.
  4. There are pros and cons of the site growing. A con would be the loss of the tight knit smaller community. On the plus size it would rock the site status quot and bring a new dynamic to the community, which can lead to more discussions and more activity.
  5. Then it'd be WWF Vs. WCW all over again. :robbie:
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  6. Nah, I wouldn't like it. Before I joined this forum or joined MP, I was on some forum where I never had a chance to post new topics because everyone did before me.
  7. I'd love it, more people = more discussion = more erections.

    Seriously I'd keep my small group to chill with then being able to have more indepth discussions would be dope.
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  8. Wouldn't be a fan. I like the little "family" we have here.
  9. Then again, if it pisses off Dolph's then I'm all for it.
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  10. Id be 100% down for it. Would be able to get away with more posts i get scolded for now...the tna/other section would benifit from it, and we would end up with a lot more sections instead of being combined (since there would be a lot more threads)

    All around good deal.

  11. 3rd time now, what kind of bet did you lose for that sig?
  12. I posted the crayo with whip cream on his nips when he signed off the other night, and woke up to a new sig written by him. I shortened it up, and to show i still love him saved the Crayo + Sheamus pic.
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  13. Actually, more members = stricter site. More moderators and more members to potentially be offended. The current setup suits your needs very well.

    Love you, Aids.
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  14. That's why I think the groups are great. I would prefer having the extra wrestling discussion, but we'd still have the legends section + Steen Showoff to chat with the original folks. I have to admit though, I'd absolutely hate it to turn into a pathetic mark off like it is on WF.com. That's why I hate that place.
  15. to be fair my avatar is that popo user who sums up the MP community every time he hits "post reply" so i wouldnt read too far into it. I change my sig even more often than you change names Seabs
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  16. But are more active on there than here. FU Ryan :sad:

  17. I'm due a name change soon actually.
  18. You know that was only because of the members online box being so horribly high on the homepage on here :eww:
  19. I would enjoy it. More people is always fun but it won't work well because like all great forums.....gangs are made.
  20. What's his username? I'll ban his account nasty rep him Send him angry PMs
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